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JavaOne 2012 Slide-Decks and Code Bundles

05 October 2012 Comments off

2 minutes


CON4643 – Contemporary User Interface Design Patterns in JavaFX 2.2 Wednesday, Oct 3, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Hilton San Francisco – Imperial Ballroom B Download the Slide Deck for CON4643 Download the Code bundle for CON4643 The deck contains some extra slides that lists the UI design patterns. There are actually over 100 […]

TUT5466 – JavaFX 2: A Java Developer’s Guide

02 October 2012 Comments off

1 minute


TUT5466 – JavaFX 2: A Java Developer’s Guide Peter Pilgrim – Developer Consultant, Independent Contractor Stephen Chin – Java Evangelist, Oracle Tuesday, Oct 2, 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM – Hilton San Francisco – Continental Ballroom 1/2/3 Source Code is here temporarily Build it with Gradle A Note to self

ScalaFX – Some Workarounds for SBT Issues

24 July 2012 2 comments

1 minute


ScalaFX build does not work out of the box with SBT. Here is a little bit of extra help if you are new to ScalaFX, Scala and SBT; and are attempting to build the project yourself. The Plugin configuration has the wrong URL, if your set up does not allow GIT as HTTP protocol. Fortunately, […]

Responses to a JavaFX Developer Guide: Devoxx 2011

18 November 2011 1 comment

6 minutes


I gathered the twitter responses to Stephen Chin and I, for our Devoxx University: A JavaFX Developer Guide on Tuesday. Thank you all for the kind responses, I searched using the term “Devoxx” and “JavaFX” on Twitter.   Public Responses @Jakob48Skov Jakob Skov #Devoxx #JavaFX Mobile = where the action is at, get moving JavaFX! […]

JavaOne 2011 Progressive JavaFX 2.0

03 October 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Good Morning from California I am presenting at JavaOne 2011 this year. The first of three talks on my trip to California this year. Today, I will give a talk today on Progressive JavaFX 2.0 in , which is expected to be released very soon.   "Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn" – Say it loud! Say […]

Meet Your JavaOne 2011 Rich Media Track Reviewer

24 July 2011 Comments off

4 minutes


In April, 2011, I received one morning an email from Simon Ritter one of Sun Microsystems long standing Java Evangelists and now Oracle. The message was an invitation to be a part of Java SE, Client Side Technologies, and Rich User Experiences track. The track included all JavaFX sessions submitted along with any other UI […]

Swing Scala REPL: What Is Wrong Here?

22 March 2011 4 comments

3 minutes


  I just spent the best part of two hours attempting figure out an interactive REPL for Scala, a la the Groovy Console, but a very basic version. My progress has not been lightning fast. Why? I really do not understand why this code is not working at all. It is a Swing application to […]

JavaPosse Episode 328: JavaFX The Sequel

03 November 2010 4 comments

5 minutes


Hello I was rather pleased that the JavaPosse released the RoundUp 2010 session that I chaired JavaFX The Sequel podcast episode 328. The Roundup  is a yearly unconference session organised by Bruce Eckel and JavaPosse and takes place in February or March at Crested Butte, Colorado, USA. Roundup 2010 was particular interesting, because we had […]

JavaOne 2010 Videos: JavaFX CSS and UI Testing

26 October 2010 2 comments

1 minute


Hello All Here is some JavaOne 2010 video that I have been editing recently. The first one is a short video, 3 minutes long, consist of yours truly impromptu interviews of passersby at the conference.  The footage was shot on the final day of the conference, the Thursday, just after the morning Java keynote. This […]

A Domain Specific Language for JavaFX 2.0 and Scala

10 October 2010 1 comment

9 minutes


Hello and Welcome Two weeks ago, at the JavaOne 2010 Conference in San Francisco, there was an announcement that Oracle will no longer supporting JavaFX Script as a language. In fact, Sun.Oracle will refactor the current implementation into a Java API and framework in the 2.0. As many have reported (and obviously mis-reported) Oracle made […]

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