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Scalafication of an Equity Quote Application Part 3

26 July 2011 Comments off

7 minutes


This is the final part in a series of article about porting an existing Java application to Scala. The application calls the Yahoo! Financial web service and retrieve stock quotes for the user, storing them in a local repository. The original Java project was described in the part one. In the part two of this […]

The Collective Summer Camp UK Continues

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2 minutes


  In the first three weeks of July, I was super-busy, so The Collective Summer Camp UK had to take a backseat while I sorted out stuff. I am still pushing on with this event. I believe definitely that we should have this style of event happening in the UK. We have create the flaming […]

Master Java Performance Tuning

24 July 2011 Comments off

3 minutes


  About three weeks ago, I was watching a Film 4 late night with my partner. We stumbled upon on a martial-arts movie, called Ip Man. We thought it was one of the best Kung Fu movies of recent times, up there with Kung Fu Hustle. Donnie Yen who played Ip Man, a semi-biographically account […]

Meet Your JavaOne 2011 Rich Media Track Reviewer

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4 minutes


In April, 2011, I received one morning an email from Simon Ritter one of Sun Microsystems long standing Java Evangelists and now Oracle. The message was an invitation to be a part of Java SE, Client Side Technologies, and Rich User Experiences track. The track included all JavaFX sessions submitted along with any other UI […]

Scalafication of an Equity Quote Application Part 2

23 July 2011 2 comments

8 minutes


In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the Java language form of an exercise project. The task was to create an equity quote application that retrieved stock prices from a public web service Yahoo! Finance. Let me suggest a really good process of adopting Scala inside the organisation: take the unit tests written in […]

Scalafication of a Java Equity Quote Application Part 1

01 July 2011 2 comments

10 minutes


Here follows in these series of three article is a description of Scala application that ported from Java. I would prefer to call this work a “Scalafication”. Many people are thinking about Scala Adoption as it gets important interest from the wider community. Did you know that Professor Martin Odersky won the Java Top Ambassador […]

The Collective Summer Camp UK

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4 minutes


  Hi Everyone! I am sorry if this has taken longer to announce than when I first tweeted it on Twitter on Sunday 25th August 2011. I am organising the first Collective Sumer Camp UK, which inspired by my experience of attending the JavaPosse Round Up for three years in a row (2009, 2010, and […]

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