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Ubuntu ActiveMQ Initialisation Scripts

30 March 2012 Comments off

3 minutes


Recently, I have been working with Ubuntu in a Virtual Box VM and setting up ActiveMQ for testing. I wanted to create a VM with an already running ActiveMQ as a service, whenever I started it. In order to do this, I set up ActiveMQ as a Linux intialisation service. I installed ActiveMQ first by […]

QCon London 2012 Part 2

18 March 2012 Comments off

10 minutes


  The last day of QCon, Friday, had already started with a keynote, Resilient Response in Complex System, John Allspaw. The general advice was concentrate on recovery rather than attempting to avoid failure. The talk emphasized the need to train developers and operators in failure situation, following the model of military or emergency services. The […]

QCon London 2012 Part 1

16 March 2012 Comments off

10 minutes


  I was fortunate to attend the QCon London 2012 conference, this year. Firstly, I was delighted to be invited as a speaker and then when that did not pan out, secondly, they still let me in as VIP guest. I would like to special thanks the QCon / Trifork staff for the awesome gift. […]

QCon London 2012 Philip Wadler Answers “What is a Monad?”

09 March 2012 Comments off

1 minute


Today, I am at the final day of the QCon London 2012 conference in partuculary in the Scala and Functional Languages track. Philip Wadler gave an excellent presentation on functional programming and his belief about lambda calculas, mathematical formal logic and an advanced computer science. At the end of his talk, there was a lot […]

Devoxx 2011 European JUG Leaders BOF Video

01 March 2012 Comments off

1 minute


I really apologise for being very late with this. Sorry about that. However, the European JUG Leaders BOF Video from Devoxx 2011 is finally here in all of its glory. Enjoy for real now     Plus there is a more friendly URL PS: There JUG leaders here from North and South America, Africa […]

Looking Forward to QCon London 2012

Comments off

1 minute


As I write this, today is 29th February 2012, a leap year and day. Tomorrow will be first day of March, which also the same month that QCon London 2012 takes place. I was due to give an updated JavaFX tutorial, on the Tuesday university, but it did not work out in the time. I […]

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