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Welcome Pack – Solirius – Principal Engineer

14 June 2023 Comments off

6 minutes


Very gratefully, I have good news. I have survived the great industry tech disruption 2023. I started a brand new role at Solirius Consulting LTD as a Principal Engineer. Solirius are an independent technology consultancy that supply advanced solution architectures to clients in the private and public sector. The last few months have been, shall […]

Principal Technologist E8 Scala Mars Rover Interview Hints

24 May 2023 Comments off

3 minutes


This is my admission. A brain dump of an awkward Scala interviewing experience, first of all, I am going to hold my fire, because in the end state, it really does not matter. Instead, the adage that I elect to follow is known as Knowledge is Power – Share Some, Rasta. I have some experience […]

Principal Technologist E7 Recruitment Agent-less (Agent-free) Job Platforms (Perm)

22 May 2023 Comments off

2 minutes


In this episode 7, I review my experiences of using in a real situation recruitment agent-less (or is it agent-free) job platforms. I look at Hired, Otta and Cord. There is that dream of magic employment or contract, where you get business without relying on a third party, the client is easily able to find […]

Pozzani IX 600 slow water filter

05 May 2023 Comments off

1 minute


Hello March 2023, I bought this Pozzani IX 600 Water Filter for a brand new kitchen installation at home. My fitter installed a brand new kitchen in April 2023. They also installed the Pozzani water filter. It appeared to be working, but after the fitters left, I realised the filter is very slow almost a […]

Java Interview Answer Q2 – Duplicate Integers and Sort

27 March 2023 Comments off

3 minutes


Last week, I presented a Java Interview Question 2: How to Find Duplicate Integers and Sort? We had a test harness to find all duplicate integers in a list collection. We wanted a sorted set of integers as a String text output. A modern Java solution is the following: I coded against Java 19, however […]

Java Interview Question 2 – Duplicate Integers and Sort

20 March 2023 1 comment

3 minutes


Here is an online programming problem that you could encounter when interviewing for a contract / permanent job. You have a Java developer environment with a unit test class DuplicateIntegersTest (JUnit 5) and you are using a Java 11 / Java 17. You have to write the logic that passes the following test. The exercise […]

How do you fight migroaggression?

17 March 2023 Comments off

4 minutes


Here is a question that many people that belong to ethnic minorites ask: How do I fight microaggression? Acknowledge the microaggression and name it. Speak up and stand up for yourself and/or others. Take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing. Educate yourself and others about microaggressions and their effects. Connect with supportive people and […]

Exploding Hyundai Tucson Sunroof 2023 Episode 4 Letter to UK DVSA

01 March 2023 Comments off

2 minutes


This episode 4 is about my letter to the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency. The DVSA is responsible for monitoring vehicle safety tests in the United Kingdom. To be honest, I was taken aback when I found out the truth about their responsibilities. I might derail presently at the time of writing, by personal crisis, however […]

Exploding Hyundai Tucson Sunroof 2023 E2 parts 1 , 2 and 3

24 January 2023 Comments off

2 minutes


Just like one of those old fashion vinyl records, do remember James Brown “Cold Sweat” parts 1 and part 2? So I recorded a very long second episode about my Hyundai Tucson Ultimate 2021 edition with expoding panoramic sunroof in not two, but three parts. This is because I respect you, your time, your effort […]

Open Letter to Driver Vehicle Safety Association about Exploding Panoramic Sunroof Glass (Hyundai Tucson Ultimate)

18 January 2023 Comments off

4 minutes


This is an open letter to the DVSA: Peter Pilgrim Milton Keynes, England Monday, 16th January 2023 Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Berkeley House, Croydon St, Bristol BS5 0DA Reference:  Exploding Sunroof Incident in Hyundai Tucson Dear Sir / Madam My name is Peter Pilgrim. I work as a senior manager at Cognizant UK, an […]

Hyundai Tucson Ultimate Panoramic Exploding Sunroof

13 January 2023 Comments off

2 minutes


On 30th December 2022, my partner and I were travelling from our home to Norfolk, Eastern coast of England. We reached the outskirts of Cambridge, just after 1pm, we heard a bang sound like a firework, a gunshot sound in our car. I jolted, because I was driving and luckily there were no other vehicles […]

Principal Technologist E6 And so that was 2022

25 December 2022 Comments off

1 minute


Principal Technologist E6 And so that was 2022 Hello All This is the last episode of the year 2022. Merry Crimbo and Happy New Year 2023 Thank you all for watching and listening.

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