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Exploding Hyundai Tucson Sunroof 2023 Episode 4 Letter to UK DVSA

01 March 2023 Comments off

2 minutes


This episode 4 is about my letter to the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency.

The DVSA is responsible for monitoring vehicle safety tests in the United Kingdom. To be honest, I was taken aback when I found out the truth about their responsibilities.

I might derail presently at the time of writing, by personal crisis, however I remember that helping others who no doubt will encounter the same situation as we did on the Friday 30th December 2022, our panoramic sunroof suddenly exploded on a holiday drive. I will give those who will follow me a bit comfort that they are not the only ones, the consumer who was no idea about the hidden dangers of tempered glass.

You can UKTVA or EWTVA all you want, but a danger is a danger, no matter how much red lipstick you paint on a schwein, rodent or a dodgy fella lurking in some dark corner of a northern city disco. It is not nice when you are the unsuspected consumer and suddenly you are surprised by the lack of empathy, lack of warranty or you have fight tooth and nail with insurance brokers nah ultimate providers to get your car’s sunroof repaired.

It was horrible experience. If we had to do it again, we would have said no to the panoramic sunroof when buying our Tucson Ultimate and we’d have gone for a slightly different marque, because the trouble it takes to get sunroofs repairs may not be worth it. Especially, as I have found out, the DVSA lack the necessary ultimate powers. Motor manufacturers can push back on warranty claims if they are outside of the 14 to 28 day statutory sales limits. So car buyer beware.

In a future episode, I will look at the insurance game.

I know that life can be challenging. It is for me, right here and right now. Welcome to the year 2023. So if you can spare a repost, a reblog, a retweet, an instant share or a proverbial pat on the back, feedback comment that it is all appreciated.


Peter Pilgrim

28th February 2023

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