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Hot shot 005 – Quick introduction Spock Testing framework

24 May 2018 Comments off

7 minutes


This are my verbatim notes to the PEAT UK podcast:     Hot shot 005 – Quick introduction Spock Testing framework Thursday, 17th May 2018 Hello there once again to another hot shot. My name is Peter Pilgrim, Platform engineer and DevOps specialist, and Java Champion. Spock is a behavourial-driven design (BDD) testing framework written […]

A Groovy Script to Keep The Internet Cafe’s WIFI Alive

26 October 2012 Comments off

2 minutes


Have you ever been to an Internet Cafe and connected to the free WIFI? Have you found that after five minutes of activity the connection has been dropped and you have go through the License and Terms of Agreement again and again and again? Annoying isn’t. Well after expiring this at Charlotte Airport in the […]

Building ScalaFX 1.0 with Gradle 1.1

28 August 2012 2 comments

2 minutes


After becoming a little disenchanted with the SBT for Scala, I wanted an alternative that was more logical, simpler to understand and had a better user experience. After all, the whole point of a domain specific language is to make the writing of the script, formulae or grammar to be affordable to the users. A […]

Devoxx 2010: Conference Days Part One

19 November 2010 2 comments

8 minutes


  Keynotes   To Wednesday 17th November 2010 and the proper conference began in earnest with a keynote by Mark Reinhold, which was about Java SE 7 and then followed by Dion Almer and Ben Galbraith, who had a breathe taking reprise of State of the Web. Java SE 7 and 8 Mark Reinhold talk […]

Devoxx 2010 University Day 1

17 November 2010 1 comment

6 minutes


Devoxx University Day 1 Yours truly arrived on Sunday for the annual Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium. After the experiences of JavaOne only six weeks before it felt rather peculiar to be here on the continent again so soon. Seam 3 Context Dependency Injection Monday started for me with the SEAM 3 CDI technical […]

JavaOne 2010: Day 5, Writing Domain Specific Languages using Groovy

27 October 2010 1 comment

1 minute


Hello Here is another video recording from the JavaOne 2010 Conference. Althought the conference was not quite the worldwide developer event that we used to love, especially in years gone by, under the auspices of Sun Microsystems, the new stewards of Java, Oracle,  did have great technical speakers. This video recording was one of the […]

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