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PPJWT Countdown Day 1 – You Drive Control

22 April 2021 Comments off

2 minutes


PPJWT Countdown Day 1 – “Yo Drive Control” Release day is nearly upon us. This is a short extract of my 2020 / 2021 video online course. It’s very nearly is there, I promise. To be really honest, this video course is already three months late. I am disappointed by timekeeping, but I realise this […]

How to improve your performance in tech industry?

03 June 2020 Comments off

1 minute


How to improve your performance in the tech industry? The best laid plans The mouse gets the cheese Interview preparation: your confidence boost First impressions Prep work How to respond to questions? How to deal with panels? Your chance to shine, how to ask questions? How to deal with pairing tests? How to deal […]

My Digital Java EE 7 book is now published

08 October 2015 Comments off

4 minutes


After so long, such a long time, I’m excited to announcement the availability of my second book Digital Java EE 7 Web Application Development. It is available from Packt Publishing.     These are the chapters and appendices: Chapter 1 Java EE 7 Platform for Digital Chapter 2 Java Server Faces Introduction Chapter 3 Building […]

Contracting #19 – I never give upfront references and here is why

15 June 2015 1 comment

2 minutes


I never give two references up front in an interview process. It seems to me that some people [recruiters, talent acquisition hunters and researchers] are just chancing their arm to get into my business social network or pump me for information. If you know Kevin Mitnick then you probably know about Social Engineering too. This […]

QCon London 2012 Part 1

16 March 2012 Comments off

10 minutes


  I was fortunate to attend the QCon London 2012 conference, this year. Firstly, I was delighted to be invited as a speaker and then when that did not pan out, secondly, they still let me in as VIP guest. I would like to special thanks the QCon / Trifork staff for the awesome gift. […]

Functional Exchange 2011 Lost and Refound?!

25 March 2011 Comments off

1 minute


Somehow my machine lost a blog entry on the Functional Exchange.  Anyway, better late than never ever. Audioboos Listen! Listen! Listen!   Pics Simon Peyton Jones     Sorry. My time is limited to recover the rest of this blog entry.

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