Peter Pilgrim's Curriculum Vitae

I am looking for opportunities to create innovative business solutions using the Java platform, ideally to add value to e-Commerce businesses

One Page CV

This one page resumé is designed for recruiters or prospective client who are time-challenged. Peter Pilgrim's long experience is distilled in an easy-to-access one page A4 sheet.

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  • Gained Certified SCRUM Master with Kanban and Agile Project Estimation from 14th May 2010 (SkillsMatter, Martine Devos' official Scrum Alliance course)
  • Gained essential skills in programming Scala with Martin Odersky, Inventor of Scala, at 2 day workshop at Skills Mattter (9th June 2010)

"Rock and roll in the Garden of Eden", Rockstar, Keith Richard, Rolling Stones