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JavaOne 2013 Report Part 1

30 September 2013 4 comments

17 minutes


JavaOne 2013 already feels like a lifetime away. There is a melancholy in the wind as I sit in a rental car driving out from San Francisco airport. I started to write this report on checkout-of-hotel Friday morning. My memory is blur with the activities of the week, suffice to say that this conference has […]

ACCU 2013 Scala in the Enterprise Talk

03 September 2013 Comments off

4 minutes


My Predictions InfoQ (and my good friend Floyd Marinescu) has published my talk from the ACCU 2013Conference in Bristol. I made some predictions to growth of languages of the JVM in 2011. The growth of Scala the programming language is good and yet I see the interest is not quite exploding as I thought it originally […]

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