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How do you fight migroaggression?

17 March 2023 Comments off

4 minutes


Here is a question that many people that belong to ethnic minorites ask: How do I fight microaggression? Acknowledge the microaggression and name it. Speak up and stand up for yourself and/or others. Take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing. Educate yourself and others about microaggressions and their effects. Connect with supportive people and […]

PPJWT Countdown Day 5 – A Positive Mindset for 2021 and beyond

05 January 2021 Comments off

1 minute


The time has come to start counting down until release. I am now close to editing, encoding and rendering about 9 hours of content so far. How to Improve Your Personal Performance in Java work Technology? (video course as known as PPJWT). In this sneak peak, I discuss concepts of retrospectives in a much broader […]

Can’t Change; Won’t Change

31 January 2013 1 comment

2 minutes


I have called this piece: Can’t Change, Won’t Change. It is about what I found in recent years working in the financial services industry, in particular inside investment banking. I witnessed Agile adoption inside these organisations. Sad to say, it did not happen. Instead, lip service was paid to say SCRUM, for example. A lot […]

Contemplating Social Networks

28 February 2012 Comments off

4 minutes


I have taken some time out from social networking to contemplate life and existence. Don’t worry I am not going religious or start delivering edicts, rants, or sermons. I just concentrated on being an observer and I asked myself the question, why do people tweet, write blogs, and push content on Facebook, or Google+? Is […]

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