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Scalafication of an Equity Quote Application Part 2

23 July 2011 2 comments

8 minutes


In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the Java language form of an exercise project. The task was to create an equity quote application that retrieved stock prices from a public web service Yahoo! Finance. Let me suggest a really good process of adopting Scala inside the organisation: take the unit tests written in […]

Scalafication of a Java Equity Quote Application Part 1

01 July 2011 2 comments

10 minutes


Here follows in these series of three article is a description of Scala application that ported from Java. I would prefer to call this work a “Scalafication”. Many people are thinking about Scala Adoption as it gets important interest from the wider community. Did you know that Professor Martin Odersky won the Java Top Ambassador […]

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