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VIMEO ON-DEMAND  Apologises about Plagiarism

13 May 2010 Comments off

3 minutes

536  Apologises about Plagiarism Hi All It is Thursday 13th May 2010 and one day after my JavaFX software was misappropriated. sent me an email response today. They have apologised and complied to my request to have the software to their visitors. We are sorry for this misunderstanding and want to thank you for […]

Plagiarism of JavaFX Developer Warez by

12 May 2010 Comments off

2 minutes


Plagiarism of JavaFX Developer Warez by It is Wednesday 12th May 2010 Tonight, I was watching the Europa League Cup Final: My commiserations to Fulham FC fans, so unlucky and Roy Hodgson deserves all the plaudits, he is a brilliant manager. Well done Diego Forlan for striking the winning goal for Atletico Madrid. It […]

Java's Thoughts on Flash (Audioboo)

06 May 2010 Comments off

1 minute


Hey All Regarding my last blog entry Java Thoughts on Flash (Revisited) , I published four AudioBoo recordings . So if you like listening to audio then please enjoy: Thoughts on Flash Part 1 Thoughts on Flash Part 2 Thoughts on Flash Part 3 Thoughts on Flash Part 4 PS: I accidentally deleted the blog […]

Java's Thoughts on Flash (Revisited)

05 May 2010 Comments off

16 minutes


Java’s Thoughts on Flash Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Pilgrim, I am a Java Champion, number 91 in fact, British, living in the United Kingdom. I currently work for a top-tier investment bank in the City of London. Although I am not a chief executive officer, I am an experienced developer, designer […]

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