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Plagiarism of JavaFX Developer Warez by

12 May 2010 Comments off

2 minutes


Plagiarism of JavaFX Developer Warez by

It is Wednesday 12th May 2010

Tonight, I was watching the Europa League Cup Final: My commiserations to Fulham FC fans, so unlucky and Roy Hodgson deserves all the plaudits, he is a brilliant manager. Well done Diego Forlan for striking the winning goal for Atletico Madrid. It was an absorbing football cup final, so imagine my surprise when when I came across the following Tweet on the deck:

softpediamac: JAVAWUG Moonlander 10 

Intrigued by the tweet from @softpedimac, I investigated further and I was dismayed by the representation of JAVAWUG JavaFX Moonlander, which was wholly misrepresented on their site, see and

The way softpedimac redistributed the software is a clear violation of the Creative Commons licenses. The license for the JAVAWUG JavaFX Moonlander game was depicted as Freeware, which of course is not, and the attribution is rather wrong.

Looking closer, I see that softpedia also misrepresented another of my personal JavaFX offerings on their site. From softpedia, one can also download, but not pay for the BBC Micro Emulator that I wrote for JavaFX 1.1 last year. The original JNLP BBC Micro Emulator was featured on Josh Marinacci’s JFXstudio web site and, of course, also featured on this blog. This little demonstration program was never meant for monetary sale and has been misappropriated!

Other JavaFX game developers should be extremely wary of plagarism, misrepresentation and misappropriation from web sites like softpedimac.

I am very reticent to publish any more JavaFX warez and demonstration publicly, even under the liberal Creative Commons license. I will now only deliver sophisticated applications like Nelson FX’s XenonDataGrid for JavaFX 1.3 behind closed doors until I can trust my own hard intellectual development and creative rights are protected enough. Sorry to my followers and supporters.

I held off releasing the source code to the JAVAWUG JavaFX MoonLander game in public, although those attendees who came to my Professional Code Jam were given copies of the code. Sadly, my suspicions about plagiarism from other developers taking my JavaFX development and pawning off as their own have been proven correct. This is sad, but may this is price of developing apps in 2010.

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