My name is Peter Pilgrim. I’m a well-known software developer, independent consultant, speaker, and writer on software engineering and digital architecture. For 25 years, I’ve helped all sort of companies, from big boom enterprise bank to re-start up improve their software engineering applications and platform by providing engineering expertise. My work is distinctive and original and I deliver engaging customer experiences and world-class designs.

Test-Driven Development using Kotlin

I am very pleased to announce a new online video course called Test-Driven Development using Kotlin.

There are a couple of platform choices: Teachable and Vimeo On-Demand.


Buy the course on This site has a few payment plans including Standard Price, Monthly Pay Down and Consultancy exclusive VIP 1-2-1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Nothing. The web is a great place, it has all the answers. But finding those answers can be really tough. Peter is a Java Champion, and his experience brings together all of those techniques and secrets into one comprehensive masterclass. That will save you time and effort hunting for the answers online.
The answer is very straightforward, it is Peter's Unique Selling Point. Peter has been developing software for professional organisation over 25 years. So he knows a thing or two about REALTALK technical delivery. Peter has pair-programmed extensively. Many of his client valued Peter's help when coaching and mentoring junior members of staff.
Yes. I certainly do and I am happy to offer a discount to charities. If you are a member of a registered animal charity, especially pets, you are a fighting and supporting cancer, mental heath, water aid then I would love to help you. Please send Peter an email from your charity website domain name and he will send you a discount code.
Yes! I certainly do and happy to offer a discount to students. Please send Peter an email with proof of that you are student - a photographic ID, college and/or university acceptance letter, a valid student email address. Peter will then send you a discount code.

Yes. I absolutely do.

For between 5 and 10 users we offer 10% off.
For between 10 and 15 users we offer 20% off.
For between 15 and 25 users we offer 30% off.
Beyond that number, please make a direct enquiry about pricing.

To find out more a bulk discounts0 and how they work for your organisation, please send Peter an email .

You can watch the videos online using pretty much any device or if you prefer to, download them for offline viewing. It’s your choice.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, users of the Vimeo On-Demand platform, can only download offline on Apple iOS devices. However, downloading offline is available on the Teachable platform for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

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