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PPJWT Countdown Day 2 – Express Yourself

22 April 2021 Comments off

1 minute


PPJWT Countdown Day 2 – “Express Yourself” Release day is nearly upon. This is a short extract of my 2020 / 2021 video online course. It’s nearly there, I promise. The whole thing has been delayed, because of changing jobs, circumstance, deciding what to about IR35, contracting versus permanent full time employee, family and even […]

Early Access Release for How to Improve Your Personal Performance in Java work Technology

17 October 2020 Comments off

1 minute


I am proud to announce the early access of my new video online course for 2020, just in time for Black History Month*. You can find How to Improve Your Personal Performance in Java work Technology exclusively on Vimeo On-Demand.* Exclusive Vimeo On-Demand: The 75% off discount code is Nichelle1969P. This is a limited size […]

Improving your Personal Performance in Java work Technology – Early Access

14 October 2020 Comments off

1 minute


Hey all! Did you know that I creating a non-technical video course? It is called How To Improve your Personal Performance in Java work Technology? I plan to announce early access to coincide with Black History Month (1st October to 31st October annually) The place holder for this course is exclusively on Vimeo-on Demand. I […]

Video Blog: Apache POI, Running, Full stack engineering TypeScript and Java

25 July 2020 Comments off

1 minute


Wednesday 22nd, July 2020 This week I am going to just to write a bullet-list. I am near enough blogging weekly. Big plans laid to rest Conferences Holidays Machine Learning / Deep Learning Python However, I already have knowledge of Perl, Awk, Sed, Ed, Bash, C-shell, TCSH, ZSH, DevOps, UNIX/Linux / AWS Apache POI == […]

Video Blog: System terminal – input: reboot 2020 output: reboot impossible

16 July 2020 Comments off

3 minutes


2020 And yes it is impossible to reboot the year 2020. On Wednesday, 1st January 2020, I had no idea what COVID-19 meant. It might have been a News Years Day tomorrow off some infection into China, but like for many of you, I was too busy sleeping off the night’s celebrations. Little did we […]

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