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Video Blog: Apache POI, Running, Full stack engineering TypeScript and Java

25 July 2020 Comments off

1 minute


Wednesday 22nd, July 2020

This week I am going to just to write a bullet-list.
I am near enough blogging weekly.

  • Big plans laid to rest
    • Conferences
    • Holidays
    • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
    • Python
    • However, I already have knowledge of Perl, Awk, Sed, Ed, Bash, C-shell, TCSH, ZSH, DevOps, UNIX/Linux / AWS
  • Apache POI == Poor Obfuscation Implementation
  • Health
    • Running 7km
    • Missing footie / Football
  • Professionally working with a local client on full stack technologies (engineering team)
    • Angular 8/9 (Typescript)
    • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (OOJS, EcmaScript / JS Lint, Modules, AMD)
    • Douglas Crockford: JavaScript The Good Parts
    • Java 8 (Java 11)
    • Spring Boot 2.x
    • Red Hat Openshift / Kubernetes / Pivotal





I am quite sure you are feeling the difficulty of this year 2020, we never expected to be in this position in 2020, but what can we do? There is only one thing to do, keep moving forward, keep progressing with the right things, because that is where the future is.




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