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VIMEO ON-DEMAND  Apologises about Plagiarism

13 May 2010 Comments off

3 minutes

538  Apologises about Plagiarism

Hi All

It is Thursday 13th May 2010 and one day after my JavaFX software was misappropriated. sent me an email response today. They have apologised and complied to my request to have the software to their visitors.

We are sorry for this misunderstanding and want to thank you for your notification. 
We have removed both JAVAWUG MoonLander and BBC Micro Emulator from our
database and they are no longer available on our website.

We never had the intention to sell any of the software to our visitors and 
we did list it as free on our website (as you can see in the attached screenshot).

Please, do not hesitate to contact us again if we can assist further.

Best regards,
Sergiu Gatlan

Senior Mac Editor

This is great that they have had said sorry. However, I still do not think that they understand all of the issues about distribution of creative commons software. One cannot misappropriate, misrepresent the software by leaving out attribution and the full creative common license. Other FX developers were also victims here and they should also notify softpedia about plagiarism of their own wares. 

With Creative Commons Licensed software, which non-commercial, you must attribute correctly. All of the following must be complied with no exception:

  • If the work itself contains any copyright notices placed there by the copyright holder, you must leave those notices in tact, or reproduce them in a way that is reasonable to the medium in which you are re-publishing the work.

  • Cite the author’s name, screen name, user identification, etc. If you are publishing on the Internet, it is nice to link that name to the person’s profile page, if such a page exists.

  • Cite the work’s title or name, if such a thing exists. If you are publishing on the Internet, it is nice to link the name or title directly to the original work.

  • Cite the specific CC license the work is under. If you are publishing on the Internet, it is nice if the license citation links to the license on the CC website.

  • If you are making a derivative work or adaptation, in addition to the above, you need to identify that your work is a derivative work i.e., “This is a Finnish translation of the [original work] by [author].” or “Screenplay based on [original work] by [author].”

See the creative commons FAQ for clarification. Of course, it is up to the producer, writer or creator to make sure the above is detailed easily and with their work. If one does not do this, then there can be no recourse to complain when somebody misappropriates one’s work. The best way is to also include notices, watermarking inside the software, so there are no mistake to the consumers of your apps or warez. So there is a new item work for yours truly to create a simple watermarking and licensing pane in JavaFX that I can always include in any valuable wares. Such is life. Eh?

In short, have complied and this is the end of the matter. Time to move on.

Peter Pilgrim. Out

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