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Exploding Hyundai Tucson Sunroof 2023 E2 parts 1 , 2 and 3

24 January 2023 Comments off

2 minutes


Just like one of those old fashion vinyl records, do remember James Brown “Cold Sweat” parts 1 and part 2? So I recorded a very long second episode about my Hyundai Tucson Ultimate 2021 edition with expoding panoramic sunroof in not two, but three parts. This is because I respect you, your time, your effort and your empathy. I want you, Dear humble reader/viewer to have the convenience of choice. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In this episode, I talk about the recovery story of a car, my vehicle, our family SUV, with a exploded sunroof, which we had no fault to do with its disintegration. I surf the Internet to show the real evidence that other folk have had similar incidents. Strong evidence that cannot be diluted, because we have news reports going back nearly a decade of incidents with sunroof, when the driver was not in attendance.

There have been class action law suits happending across the pond in North America since 2015. There have also car manufacturers who had to make vehicle safety call.

Finally, I discuss the warranty side of this debacle. How can car manufacturers advertise 5 year or 7 year warranties and then not offer recourse on glass on the roofs their cars. I then pass on the my new awareness about the exemptions that car insurance underwriters putting inside their insurance contracts.

So here it is:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

One day somebody, your spouse, your child, your granny, a person you really care for and a favourite pet will be seriously injured by the use of non-laminated safety glass in modern sunroofs that car manufacturers have deliberately designed, chosen as a balance of their perspective on economies, and produced in their vehicles. It is not a question of IF but of WHEN. What will do now with this information?

If you have feedback, questions and suggestion, you can find me here on my blog, reachout out to me on Twitter / Mastadon or I am around on Linkedin.

Peter Pilgrim

Sunday 22nd January 2022

(21st February 2023 – Addendum this block really should have been called Episode 2 and Episode 3)

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