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Principal Technologist E7 Recruitment Agent-less (Agent-free) Job Platforms (Perm)

22 May 2023 Comments off

2 minutes


In this episode 7, I review my experiences of using in a real situation recruitment agent-less (or is it agent-free) job platforms. I look at Hired, Otta and Cord.

There is that dream of magic employment or contract, where you get business without relying on a third party, the client is easily able to find a worker, employee or contractor to perform the function. Likewise the worker, the candidate, the job seeker can simply walk into a new job with very little downsides.

Candidates blame the recruiters when the jobs are incoming, when interviews keep repeating or through a lack of interviews, or the CVs seems to end up always in the rejection pile. Business owner blame the recruiters, because the candidate, their likeness, their abilities and sometimes other difficult controversial metrics don’t measure well.

The truth is an old question: can we cut the middle person out? Well Otta, Hired, Cord are examples of a new type of job platform, which is digital and sort of Do-It-Yourself.

Do they help on the recruiter journey? Do they help on the candidate journey? Are we going to be happier because we have these recruitment agent-less platforms?

It is interesting to note, that in 2023 we as a society are going through Cost-of-Living, Business Technical Layoffs, Fractured Investment and Fear of Uncertainty. There is a signs of Stagflation, but not yet formal proven by the financial media and experts, we are experiencing high inflation and the push for higher salaries in order to match the rising costs. At the same time, businesses are tightening their belts and preparing for a longer period of low growth. These are signs that business are looking for ways to cut further costs, including of those hiring new talent. However, there is always a “rub”.  As another contractor recently said to me, “Sorry. I don’t know anyone really hiring at the moment. I heard that it is rough out there.” Yep it is mate.

Let’s go

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