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PPJWT Five insights into why I chose IT contracting? Why not? (FINAL)

21 January 2021 Comments off

2 minutes


Today, I uploaded to YouTube a long form video (00:25:27 duration).

In this long-form video presentation, I discuss my personal choice of why I chose contracting over permanent opportunities in my career. I share my feelings and historic decisions of why I got into contracting, why I found it beneficial and why it can be a bit of pain in the neck, but how I found it extremely valuable. 

I begin my story with my early career history in order to set the record straight. I then descend into five insights, which are observations, perhaps you might consider them, rules of thumb, on the contracting choice.

  • Non promotion a story of two employee gunning for it
  • Laxative CPD “begging training”
  • Unconscious bias and protection from thereof
  • Money over controversy and the simpler equation of getting paid against skills and outcome over the fight for power and influence
  • It’s never forever and how to start fresh in the industry

For the record, the production date is 19 January 2021

The UK government HMRC is still set to bring Off Payroll Worker rules on the 5th April 2021.

After this date, contractors deemed by the client under SDS (Status Determination Statement) as INSIDE A PAYROLL will not be able to claim business expenses, including conference and travel expenses, against a LIMITED COMPANY (Personal Service Company). Because Off Payroll Worker rules then effectively they are deemed PAYE under the law. It means “Begging-Training” and therefore the prospects of travelling POST COVID19 to an expensive international conference is greatly diminished. 

Personally, I do not see myself travelling to the USA, Asia, etc from the United Kingdom for a technology conference, because I cannot claim the expenses (hotel and travel) against income tax no longer. Usually, because I am a conference speaker, I don’t have to pay for a conference ticket (another expense). 

Sadly, it is a very gloomy outlook, because even QCon London is an expensive technology conference. Devoxx Belgium might be still palatable, however huge competition to be a speaker in Antwerp means my future participation over there is very doubtful. 

This video is part of the series about bonus PPJWT (How to improve your Personal Performance in Java work Technology) material. The time has come to start counting down until release.

How to Improve Your Personal Performance in Java work Technology? (video course as known as PPJWT)

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