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Early Access – How to improve your personal performance in Java technology?

02 September 2020 Comments off

5 minutes


During the Summer months of the 2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had a brainwave about creating a non-technical online video course.

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General outlook

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The biggest flaw for software developers, designers and architects is not realising that soft skills and self-improvement can dramatically increase the opportunity and the career success. But how do we measure success? How do we become motivated? What drives us beyond the pale?

These are questions not born of high-technology. You will never improve your thought-process and human interdependence relationships by picking a grand design Advanced Kotlin programming book, no matter how many of these such books you read. One simply needs to focus an approach well away from technology and technical issues.

Similarly, watching endless courses and learning to code yet another coding alternative language and framework will not ultimately progress your career and build confidence in your beliefs. Sure, you will increase knowledge base. It is questionable whether you and the business that employs you, or contract your services will steadily increase. Every business requires value and surprisingly enough, people really do evaluate behaviours over promises and non-achievers. Eventually, if you worked in this software development industry as long as I have worked, then it will one day dawn on you too that one needs KNOWLEDGE of SELF and you are not alone and everyone works in a team.

In this course, I am aiming to distill information that personally made me successful. I have over 25 years experience in technology. When I started the world was full of “Whizz Kidz”, who put their headphones and slunk down low of the keyboard, pretty much like Kurt Kobain, Nirvana guitarist of the Grunge Rock era of popular music. This slender well changed rapidly for me. I never say Agile let alone SCRUM come. I could never have imagine even JAVA. Yet this platform was being built quietly as Project OAK in the early to mid-1990. And that is the point, this machine, this industry is going to get at you. If you are not careful it will wash you away, take you down. So you need to get hip to the hop, funk to the needle to the groove, and this is key: IT is always, almost always a PEOPLE PROBLEM.

I guess one can question that I have already had what does success mean. What does it look like? What does it feel or smell? Is there sweet taste or is it bittersweet? Sadly, only you can receive the brain stimulation for success. Everyone is different, we are unique, we experience the world in so many different ways. Many of us, don’t know what success is and how to go and get it. Worse, once we get it, it often slips slides from a grasps in a moment. Once success is gone, we tend to lick our wounds. And then our very next steps, whatever happens is a critical event decision.

Ths course is for intermediate to advanced software engineers. It is not suitable for beginners. For new people to the sector, I don’t think, you can appreciate technology behaviour or the industry culture, so maybe want to come back to it in a couple of years, once you have genuine experience of the so-called “tech field”.

Listen. I have had my fill of working with and for management, engineering teams and build software for projects. Some of the projects that I was involved have achieved critical acclaim. I pair-programmed with really clever and smart engineers. During my time, I coached people on the beginnings of Scala, JavaFX, Java EE (as it was called then) and elementary Spring Boot / Spring Framework. I equally have worked closely with people who are not so well-mannered.

Has it all gone swimmingly well in my career? The clear answer is no, but I very much doubt anyone has a plain sailing career path in information technology. I tripped up in to the broad crevasse of KID EGO, thinking I was “bigger and deffer” developer, and then came up short for naivety, the gasket blown. In all of this working professionally, I had to learn this secret meaning of the beast. This technology industry is fast-paced and I know this phrase is cliche, but for a developer not to stay current with trends and society could mean a premature the end of career. I don’t want that and neither do you. Of course you don’t.

There are dozens of course talking about how to be a senior developer and what it takes to become such a person. I have seen the 100 days of code for younger and inexperienced engineers. There are also a multitude of self-help on variety of books on separate subject. You know Dale Carnegie, How to win friends and influence people. The Agilista books on Lean, Agile and Kanban. Then there are books on course on reinventing project leaders with Digital Team V3.0 / V4.0 communications approaches. You could literally a several years digesting the definitions and the meaning of wisdom from those honourable tomes. I can only say that I have my style, our paths may never cross in this lifetime and I will to sell my hours of personal performance wisdom.

If this prose is starting to feel familiar, then this course is for you.

During this course I have created exercises for you to solve. I cannot see you as viewer and reader, but I believe in trust that you will at least take the exercise as action.

If you reached this to this sentance, this video course is EARLY ACCESS and thereforte the price of the course is quite alot cheaper than the expected Retail Price. So thank you very much advance if you decide to purchase.

Please send me feedback and any annoyances.

I bid you Adieu



Peter Pilgrim
September 2020



PS: At this point, I am not allowing folk to rent the video course.

Ps PS: I am definitely planning to announce VIP (free to journalist, reviewers, influencers) and REDUCED tickets EARLY ACCESS Vimeo On-Demand. Stay tuned.



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