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Video blog: A Very Brief Introduction to Apache POI

03 August 2020 Comments off

2 minutes


Wednesday 29th, July 2020

In this week’s episode, I present a Very Brief Introduction to Apache POI , creating the simplest Microsoft Excel spreadsheet ever. Here is an additional bonus, I’m using Kotlin, the programming language.

I also talk about why spreadsheets are so sexy man?

If you know how to work with spreadsheets in Java or Kotlin then you can seriously earn a ton of money (£££). Think investment banking, and working on the plush trading floors with these guys and gals. If you are fortunate to work with some of those big banks, you can expect crucially long hours, but the gains could be spectacular (as well as the losses), plus you gain the kudos and excellent business knowledge to boot. (Probably with so-called investment banking IT, on second thought, that ship might have left harbour and already sailed on across deep blue seas to go to The West with the Elves of Loire.)

I digress a little bit in this episode about why many people think these spreadsheets are so sexy, man? You could start a war, if you have true hatred in your heart, but equally you can come up with the next greatest invention, if you know how get the benefit of using them. Think of the humanity of your future achievement. You could be standing here / there next year, lifting The Cup, The Trophy. All you need is that little bit of love and imagination.

So let’s be having you!






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