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Test-Driven Development using Kotlin (DELUXE EDITION)

27 May 2020 Comments off

2 minutes


Test-Driven Development using Kotlin (DELUXE EDITION) by Peter Pilgrim Java Champion

I have now expanded this commercial video online course to over 6 hours of content.
The megamix course is now rebranded as
Test-Driven Development using Kotlin (DELUXE EDITION) by Peter Pilgrim Java Champion
and it is available on Vimeo.









This is the list of episodes as I write mid-May 2020:

  • TDD Kotlin E0 Video Course Trailer
  • TDD Kotlin E1 Introduction to the video course and overview
  • TDD Kotlin E2 Agile business practice
  • TDD Kotlin E3 Course guidance
  • TDD Kotlin E4 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)
  • TDD Kotlin E5 Our user story, task and overview
  • TDD Kotlin E6 What is Test-Driven Development?
  • TDD Kotlin E7 What are the benefits of TDD?
  • TDD Kotlin E8 TDD methodology at a glance
  • TDD Kotlin E9 AC1 Find the journey time duration
  • TDD Kotlin E10 Commit code to Git master branch
  • TDD Kotlin E11 AC2 Find duration for the first available train
  • TDD Kotlin E12 AC3 Find duration for the second available train
  • TDD Kotlin E13 AC4 Find duration with waiting time (part 1)
  • TDD Kotlin E14 AC4 Find duration with waiting time (part 2)
  • TDD Kotlin E15 AC4 convert string time format to decimal hours
  • TDD Kotlin E16 AC4 conversion decimal hours and minutes to string time format
  • TDD Kotlin E17 AC4 putting it all together
  • TDD Kotlin E18 AC5 Report fastest train between two stations
  • TDD Kotlin E19 Object-to-Functional Programming
  • TDD Kotlin E20 Threadsafety and Immutability
  • TDD Kotlin E21 List Collections
  • TDD Kotlin E22 Map Collections
  • TDD Kotlin E23 Set Collections
  • TDD Kotlin E24 Mapping transformations
  • TDD Kotlin E25 Zipping and unzipping
  • TDD KotlIn E26 Filtering data on collections
  • TDD Kotlin E27 Flattening data on collections
  • TDD Kotlin E28 Folding data on collections
  • TDD Kotlin E29 Fold Left Implementation
  • TDD Kotlin E30 Fold Right implementation
  • TDD Kotlin E31 Immutable Collections
  • TDD Kotlin E32 Mockito Kotlin Framework
  • TDD Kotlin E33 MockK Framework
  • TDD Kotlin E34 Inferred Types
  • TDD Kotlin E35 Expressions Part 1
  • TDD Kotlin E36 Expressions Part 2
  • TDD Kotlin E37 Expressions Part 3
  • TDD Kotlin E38 Default Parameters
  • TDD Kotlin E39 Lambda Functions
  • TDD Kotlin E40 Higher-order Functions

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PS: I also uploaded the content to Teachable (PEAT School).

PS PS: If I know you well enough in person, then please hit me up on Twitter for an entrance “Vimeo On-Demand VIP Drink Ticket”



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