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Hot shot 002 – Fast Introduction to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

06 April 2018 Comments off

2 minutes


This are my verbatim notes to the PEAT UK podcast:



Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the professional enterprise solution of Cloud Foundry supplied to business. We tend to abbreviate it to PCF. Essentially PCF is largely the same code base as the open source Cloud Foundry on Github except for a bespoke components, which are web front-end application. PCF has an Operations Manager as known as Ops-Man and an Administration Manager known as Apps-Man. See also Cloud Foundry on Wikipedia.



With Ops-Man, a platform engineer and site reliability engineer can see the executing virtual machines. Ops-Man shows the status of the cloud foundation. It allows has a security log credentials screen, which provides a means to SSH into the VM instances.

Apps-Man is the web application manager that allows developers to push the development artifacts. In our case, Spring Boot web applications to the foundation.

A foundation is particular deployment of PCF. There is a foundation for DEV (development), UAT (User Access Testing), PRE-PROD (pre production) and finally PROD (production).

PCF is a PaaS solution. We use it with AWS and I have seen used previously on Amazon too, but it also runs on Azure. Microsoft are definitely pushing their cloud by the way as an alternative.

AWS has regions like EU west one and two. Each region is split into to availability zones (AZ). Amazon recommend AZ for fault tolerance. So it is not surprising PCF can be split into these AZ as well.

A bit more terminology on PCF

BOSH – this is specific cloud foundry release management service.

BOSH Director – this is an application that deploy infrastructure including cloud foundry components

Diego Cells – these are container service that execute a VM. A foundation might have at least 8 cells, which ran the infrastructure and the deployed Java applications.

Routers – these are components that direct network traffic to Diego cells

Diego Brains – these are components that look after the state of the PCF foundation

Doppler / Loggregators – these are components that look after logging and information state of the foundation.

Elastic Runtime – this is the chief component responsible to executing foundation on a cloud provider. It contains everything a business needs to execute and maintain cloud applications and the infrastructure.


March 2018



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