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Follow up to the “Java EE in Crisis” article

10 June 2016 Comments off

2 minutes


Recently, I posted an blog article about the current crisis around Java EE.

You might also be interested in an interview that I had with JAXenter (Java EE Guardians speak bluntly: “Java EE cannot be run exclusively by the community”).

Adam Bien, a fellow Java Champion, also had his say on the current status of Java EE 8 “Oracle Moves in Strange Ways”. He also gave an interview to JAXenter very recently.

Finally, I strongly recommend that you read the JCP Meeting Minutes for the Executive Group  in Berlin. Here is a very brief extract of the meeting minutes:

Mike Milinkovich pointed out that Oracle’s Spec Leads seem to be 100% devoted to the “Cloud pivot” rather than to their Java EE roles. Mike DeNicola said that Fujitsu has many customers that rely on Java EE and that they they will lose face and lose customers if platform development is discontinued. Steve Wallin said that Java EE is critical for IBM.”

Read them yourselves, educate yourselves.

Java EE Guardians announced a new petition [Tell Oracle that Java EE is a critical part of the global IT industry] that at the time of writing has over 1,000 signatures. (16 June 2016)

Paul Krill, Editor at Large at interviewed me about my blog post Java EE in Crisis on the same day that I spoke at the panel at Devoxx UK. He add my comments to his article: James Gosling Rallies Against Oracle for Java EE Neglect.

Over the past week after the blog article, there were heavy response and interest in the JAXenter interview. I think we have gained traction in the debate in order to keep Java, the ecosystem relevant. The rest essentially is up to you. So keep throwing those thumbs up and keep Java on the enterprise moving forward.


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