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The Next Digital Transformation Engagement

27 April 2016 Comments off

3 minutes


This is just a note to say, get in touch, especially, if you are looking for help with Java modernisation, moving from Java 7 to 8 and beyond and digital transformation of services. I am available for contract hire from May 2016.

See my Linked-in Profile (new windows) for more information and how my strong adaptive development skills could be appropriate for your current needs.



I should have exactly said what I am looking for in my next contract:

  • Projects with Java 8 with a license [permission] to program with Lambdas
  • If Java is not available, I can also code professional in Scala, because I worked for GOV.UK on their illustrious examplar project, the Registered Traveller
  • I prefer to develop components over added more technical debt to a monolithic application that runs on an legacy application server
  • I will you modernise your system from the monolith with the provisio budget, person power and desire (the longer you leave it, the bigger the price will be.*
  • I can write a lot of server side Java EE  code, I dipped my toes in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS at Digitas LBi
  • I can coach and mentor others on Java EE, Java and effective unit testing
  • Although I have worked as a SCRUM master, I would help as an interim. A SCRUM master is suited to a full time project managers, especially if the scale and scope of your project is large to very large.
  • I am working my way to the chief engineer of something X so a little angle of technical leadership will helpful. I prefer to code over team management
  • I will participate in design arguments, decisions about frameworks and library. I can lend a hand in technical architectural discussions


Hope that helps (HTH)


*Modularisation with Modernisation

I believe the forthcoming Java 9 release including Project Jigsaw will eventually be the game-changer. Because, we, ultimately, can modulate your big backside legacy out of the picture if your application is modular. Because, the JDK and JRE will be module, we can finally remove ancient old code like java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar. In short, eventually, the most popular open source and close source projects, libraries and framework will take advantage of this exciting capability. However, if you are stuck with programming against Java 6 code, because of a hardwired third-party dependency and you choose not to upgrade, encircle or modernise, then I wish you the very best of luck in the your recruitment of future talented engineers in the new world of Java 9 and beyond. Finally, component design and implementations are the first steps to moving a monolith to a micro-services architecture (MSA). If you think actually that you can readily purchase a quality third-party off-the-shelf product that can immediately turn a good old application monolith into a MSA overnight, then DON’T BELIEVE HYPE.



Hey all! Thanks for visiting. I provide fringe benefits to interested readers: checkout consultancy, training or mentorship Please make enquiries by email or
call +44 (0)7397 067 658.

Due to the Off-Payroll Working plan for the UK government, I am enforcing stricter measures on contracts. All potential public sector GOV.UK contracts engagements must be approved by QDOS and/or SJD Accounting. Please enquire for further information.