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JavaOne 2015 CON5211 Digital Java EE 7

05 November 2015 Comments off

2 minutes


By sheer luck, the magic of UPS managed to deliver a consignment of books on the morning of the very last day of the conference exposition. Where I was of sullen disposition, I had had my hopes dashed, suddenly there was resurgence of faith, when I saw the tracking numbers at 9:37Am and the said books delivery to th Java Community Process ( JCP) in Santa Clara. All we had to do, get a staff member and pick them up from the JSP office and bring them to San Francisco. Harold of the JCP was the main man, who drove all the way.

I had a book signing on Wednesday in the Hackergarten at 2:30pm. The books went fast, so quick that they were all gone before the start of the next technical sessions at 3pm.

It was a very happy ending to final underline 18 months of work. This was crossing the finishing line in style at the top Java conference in the world.

My conference session on Thursday was reasonably well attended given the time. Here is the slide deck for CON5211 Digital Java EE 7 with JSF Conversations, Flows, and CDI Scopes.



Sadly, this was one of the conference sessions that were not recorded this year, and therefore it will not be possible view on demand. in 2014 , all  conference sessions at JavaOne were recorded and then processed with Parleys, the deal between Oracle and Parleys obviously came to an end and never extended.


I specially thank Heather Vancura for supporting the book signing since last year. I also thank Naoko Hamamota for the business liaison between Packt Pub and the JCP, and Harold.



Harold Ogle from the JCP  




Heather Vancura of the JCP Management Office



Naoko Hamamota



Beverley from the Boston Globe gets a second signed book




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