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JavaOne 2015 continues and Java will live forever (… well maybe a LONG-TAIL)

28 October 2015 Comments off

5 minutes


Okay. Maybe I am being over dramatic in the title. I do believe that Java, the ecosystem, the community, the virtual machine and the mother programming language will be around for a long time to come.

  1. What can deflect from it? Postulating in my hotel room with a lot time, in between adding finesse to my talk, I think that it will be a supreme disruptive technology that is going to usurp Java. Twenty years of Java is amazing. It is amazing investment and also technical innovation mountain. Some may view it as a massive debt, other protagonists will see it is as security.
  2. What may disrupt the Java drive train? JavaScript, not really. It is going to be long time for JavaScript to become multiple thread, dynamic and gigabyte memory, garbage collection machine. Indeed, this issue of size is where Java is a little bit of vulnerable. Java will have to content with RAM sizes in a few years that happily marshall a terabyte of memory. It will also need the scale down in other direction for the Internet of Things. This is why MODULE and AGGREGATES are critical requirements and achievements for the entire Java platform. If we can get through the JIGSAW it will be like going through the looking glass and we will be within ALICE’s WONDERLAND.
  3. If anything is going to be a Java Killer, then it will be LEFT-FIELD. I don’t think it will be SWIFT even if Apple decides to open source the language and make it cross platform. Programming language is not the issue in 2016. In the year, 1995, It was programming C and forgetting to call the free() standard library call after it was assigned with malloc(). Java was the LEFT-FIELD in 1995, because no one suspected a few supremely critical ideas to be pushed together (COMPOSED in term of SOFTWARE).  Portability was achieved through byte-codes and a virtual machine, networkability was achieved through Java standard library (JDK), and security was achieved through a sandbox of Netscape Applet. Back in 1995, these were hard things to achieve. I can remember to every company that I joined, I had a copy of MyStringUtils.c, MyLinkedList.c, MyHashTable.c. Standard libraries were so flipping important back then, and now we take the Java SDK to advantage, gracious heart, and we say in unison “Meh!” Quite rightfully so.  So the next generation Java thing or killer will be something out there that we don’t expect based on the problems that we have today.
  4. I wish that you readers, who are not at JavaOne, can see the Star7 video with James Gosling.  The video is from 1992 (c) Sun Microsystems. Gosling had the full sign-off and support from Scott McNealy to develop and innovate a product. The video shows James manipulating a touch screen of about 7 inches, with an old fashion brick GSM antenna. This is a looping video of Project Green, which eventually become Oak, which became the Java platform. Oracle is showing off the video  in the 20 years of Java exhibition in Parc 55. The database giant should put that video on YouTube. End of.
  5. It was great singing with the Null Pointers band last night at Duke’s party. Susan and Alison were great. The whole band Frank, Cesar, Zoran, Ed, and Freddy were outstanding. We rocked the house!
  6. No to the security guy at the Tradition Bar, who asked me for a photo Id. Do I look like 17 years old? Really. Sort it, man!
  7. Yes to the Piano man (Frank O’Connor) at Lefty O’Doul’s Irish bar/restaurant on 333 Geary St. Props to Rob and Jeff too!
  8. Great session by Ed Malaska on the Apache Spark with Java and Scala. He made this so-called Big Data processing look fun and easy to understand. I shall be looking at your RDDS, Direct Acyclic Groups and your Mapping flows and Reducing flows.  Scala does shorten the developer programming API by quite a bit. You need to see the inferred types revealed explicitly, behind the code.
  9. JDK 9 Language and Tooling Features with Joe Darcy was also good. The early access builds are worth checking out now, because there is a high quality. In fact, you should at least try it today. Also in the next expected build post JavaOne, the RPEL will make an official debut. Yes, finally Java will have JSHELL, a READ-PROCESS-PRINT-LOOP.  Teachers in education, start rejoicing, because Java will be easy to teach. Oracle should definitely throw up a JavaFX wrapper around the JSHELL. Oh yes. May be the GLUON team can make a mobile version wrapper on a native device.
  10. I had a chance to catch with the Java EE 8 MVC specification team and caught the last part of this lunch time talk. MVC now has a Redirect Scope instead of the much discussed Flash Scope. They renamed the map collection to Redirect Scope in order to avoid confusion with the Flash scope in JSF. Moreover, the form validation seems to be on track.
  11. Bumping into fellow Java Posse Round Up people, really warmed my heart. Todd Costella, Fred Simons, Dianne Marsh, James Ward and Joel Neely.
  12. I have to run to a session…. *TBD*
  13. Somebody asked me earlier this morning about “What is this BOUNDED-CONTEXT that you speaketh?” (See below)

Star 7

Frank O’Connor


Eric Evans: What I’ve learned about DDD since the book

Please do invest in the original DDD book not the distilled texts, even though it is a bit dense. You have to read parts of it several times over, but once you understand, it is enlightening.

Have a terrific Wednesday.




(*yes I am aware of spelling mistake. You are getting this prose almost LIVE)

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