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JavaOne 2014 Impressum

08 October 2014 Comments off

6 minutes



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I have reserved this technical blog session for random tidbits around the JavaOne 2014.



Whilst there was trouble brewing a head at home and disappointments with contracting, at least I could saviour this selfie with the Father of Java, James Gosling, himself
In fact, I am sure that I have a photo on hard disk drive, an external USB drive, from the then JavaPolis 2005 conference in Belgium with James Gosling.



This is the one and only Gerrit Grunwald in the exhibition space, demo grounds.



Amelia Eiras and David Blevins from TomiTribe. Thanks guys for a great JavaOne experience.



Annual developer tee-shirt toss with a giant elastic slingshot was back in effect for the keynote



This is not my car, although I thought this Lamborghini cladded in copper metal plate outside of my JavaOne hotel was van glorious.



The Internet of Thing’s Winners with their prizes at the Oracle Technology Network podium in the exhibition area. (L) Jose Pereda and Barcelona’s own David Peñuela and Jose Antonio Lorenzo from Lhings Connected Table



Cameron Purdy’s gives the Java EE speech at the keynote with Duke’s Choice award winner, Mohamed Taman (r) and Red Hat’s Mark Little.



One of the best thing at JavaOne was the Null Pointers band, which had musical instruments and equipment sponsored by JFrog.
Every year at the conference, the Java Community Process, who managed hundreds of standards proposals and specification for Java, throw a lavish party. For several years, it has taken place at the top floor restaurant of the Hilton hotel. This year they hosted the Null Pointers band.



Here is a photo taking during the performance of the band at JCP Party on Monday night:
(L) Geert Bevin singing duties and Jim Weaver (Lead guiter), the drummer is Mattias Karlson



The amazing Frank Greco, who knew?



This is Nicole Scott from Oracle’s Outreach program for JUG Leader and Java Champions at the JCP Party.



Nor is this one my car.



The Oracle Appreciation Event really outdid themselves this year with the amazing Aerosmith.



If these rockstar pensioners can keep going in their mid-60s that surely this is inspiration for us oldie rockstar programmers, developers and designers. We just have to keep rocking those programs no matter the business. We can keep on deliveries, and some of us will have no choice to do so now in order to pay off the flipping mortgage!



We salute you too Steven Tyler!



I crept up the stairs to perview the PartyONE party! This was an night time event on Tuesday organised by four companies: Atlassian, Tomitribe, Zero Turnaround and HazelCast. It was also a winning combination in second place to the JCP Party.



This photo has the wrong camera setting, but you make out the British contingents in the house. (L) Richard Warbarton and (R) David Bryant



Michael Hendriks (L) is chatting with Ixchel Ruiz (R)



Mark Hazel (L), who organised for the first time this year Devoxx UK, is sitting and relaxing at PartyONE.



It was James Gosling again at the JFrog stand during the conference. Fred Simon, a regular attendee to the Java Posse Roundup, is in the middle.



The bar staff hipsters running the bar at PartyONE



Arun Gupta (L) and Adam Bien (R), taking a picture of them seating together of me taking a laying down photo of them at the Thursday keynote. Simon Ritter left of Arun is always trying to be so cool, because he is.



Here is another shot, but Mark Reinhold was tied up to business matters



Another shot of the other members of the Null Pointers, here is Ed Burns as the band’s keyboardist. JFrog said that the instruments have stored for safe keeping for next year’s stint.



Super Frank Greco



Here is an example of JavaFX foreign exchange service written by Celertech. Oh! The opportunity that was missed in the time frame of 2010. If it is good idea then somebody else will implement regardlessly and so well done Celer technologies.



Paul Perrone of the Perrone robotics, who one authored a huge tome of book, 1000 pages or more, of J2EE 1.4 on the benefit of Prentice Hall publishers, presents on cqr automation, robot car contraptions adaptors and hazard detection technologies. He also dumped a video down about the research being conducting into driverless cars and embedded systems programming written in Java.



Here is a shot of the Liquid Robotics sail craft.



Johans Vos and RoboVM has just announced, in this picture, a joint venture to bring a JavaFX port of the harder parts of the SDK to iOS and Android.






Java Champions in arms: Ladies and gentleman, I give you Mr. Griffon, Andres Almiray!



Finally, I get to have a photo with the Chief Architect of the Java Platform, Mark Reinhold, who is the man with the biggest job, modularisation of the Java Development Kit and Runtime Environment. Cool!



Mobbed by the fans!



Mark Reinhold on the first keynote on Sunday, which was the one that was horribly cut short, because the presentation ran out of time!



Brian Goetz is talking about JDK 8 and the Lambda expressions with parallel Streams, which declaratively increase the concurrency of algorithms, providing you have programmed the function blocks correctly. In other words, parallel streams, are still not the magic bullet, they can help with readability.



Adam Bien contemplates some pressing issue or two during the Thursday keynote in the Marriot Marquis.



Andra Keay manages the Silicon Valley Robotics takes the stage at the keynote.



Tori Wieldt and Yolande Poirer lead out the Duke’s Choice awards winner for 2014



The Java Desktop Lunch part 1



The Java Desktop Lunch part 2 – holding court was Jonathan Giles, who currently handles the invitations and the organisation of this unique JavaOne event.



The Java Desktop Lunch part 3 – who do recognise in the photograph and in the background. Some clues, Carl Dea (L), Stephen Chin (far L), who else?



This is Doctor Deprecator a.k.a Stuart Marks (L) checking up on Ed Burns (R) for Java Specification responsiveness



This is Mario Torres who was also the Java Desktop lunch



Shout outs

In no particular order

  • Cesar Hernandez
  • Carl Dea
  • Roberto Cortez
  • Heather Vancura
  • Yoshio Terado
  • Sean Phillips
  • Nicole Scott
  • Beverley Pereira
  • Aslak Knutsen
  • Johan Vos
  • Mark Heckler
  • Mark Little
  • Stuart Marks
  • Amelia Eiras
  • Mario Tores
  • David Blevins
  • Gerrit Grunwald
  • Chris Richardson
  • Daniel Byrant
  • Ed Burns
  • Josh Juneau
  • Oliver Gierke
  • Mark Reinhold
  • Mario Torre
  • José Pereda
  • David Heffelfinger
  • Bruno Borges
  • Jim Weaver
  • SooYeol Yang, CTO, Java Champion
  • Fred Simon
  • Brian Goetz
  • Lucy Carey
  • Adam Bien
  • Tim Boudreau
  • Kazuyoshi Kamitsukasa
  • Masahiro Yoshioka
  • Tonya Rae Moore
  • Kito Mann
  • Arun Gupta
  • Stephen Chin
  • Kirk Pepperdine
  • Alex Heusingfeld
  • Jim Laskey
  • Fabrizio Gianneschi
  • Mark Hazell
  • Sven Reimer
  • Dierk Koenig
  • George Saab
  • Brian Goetz
  • Todd Costella
  • Otavio Santana
  • Yara Senger
  • Ixchel Ruiz
  • Vinicius Senger
  • Andres Almiray
  • Ben Evans
  • Alexis Lopez
  • Dick Wall (Typesafe Party)
  • James Gosling


    If I missed somebody real, I am so sorry.




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