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Here is Why DEV Contracting is Going Down the Tubes

28 June 2014 Comments off

3 minutes


This came through the email box on 26th June 2014, verbatim text (apart from the emphasis mine)

I am looking for Content management @ London, UK
Please share your contact number.
If this position of no interest, please refer your friends/ colleagues by making me in CC .
Job Spec:
·         Hands on experience in building and deploying enterprise level Web Content Management solutions on Adobe CQ 5.3 or above.
·         Should have experience on Adobe CQ 5.x integration with eCommerce and CRM systems (like SalesForce)
·         Should have deep knowledge on Multi-channel publish.
·         Very Good knowledge of Java Content Repository (API) suite, Sling web framework and Apache Felix OSGi framework is required.
·         Good experience is required on Java, JSP, Servlets, Ajax , XML, Jquery and JSON web technologies.
·         Hands on experience working with Java development tools like Eclipse required? Experience on deployment tools like Maven desired
·         Worked on RESTFUL and SOAP based web services
·         Experience with different SDLC methodologies
·         Good communication, team work and custom interaction skills is mandatory.

Skill :
Branding and Thought Leadership
·         Solution Architecture
·         Content Management Architecture
·         Adobe Day CQ
·         SOAP
·         Apache Maven
·         jQuery
Ha Silk In  Sober
*Recruitment Consultant
Datamatics HR & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Switch Board: +91 20 39481313   UK: +44-2035002920
INDIA :The Hub,4th Floor | Lane 6, Off. North Main Road | Koregaon Park | Pune | 411001
UK office:Amba House, 5th Floor, 15 College Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA11BA
Switch Board: +44 (0) 203 021 3960
Fax: +44 (0) 208 711 3100

Give up on the correspondence templates already

This recruiter’s correspondence is alarming, because she writes from a template and fails to address the addressee: Dear ____________(?), which is actually poor bottom-of-the-barrel tripe behaviour. Clearly, they do not live in the United Kingdom, and yet push a London telephone number. Would you do business with such a person? Would you rely on them if there was an issue with a timesheet or an invoice payment with this lazy first impression.
This recruiter also sent a linkedin request too, and I have now blocked them as spam. I marked their email address as spam also in Gmail.

Know your market, rates and margins

As contractors, we have to deal with a lot of email spam and it’s a whacko and cold business when foreign companies start getting into the action. It is no wonders that contractor rates have not improved in London in about 10 years. The contractor rates are comparable to 2006-2007, which is the on the balance hasn’t risen proportional with the cost of living and inflation. Yet these types of third-rate agencies can rely on a first time contractor or naive developer or even the desperate picking up this role and running with it, assuming they get the gig, until they find out the job is not as good they initially thought, because the agency is making idiot out of the contractor with an excessive daily-rate margin that is charged to the client.

The trick to this life is the margin charged to the client is hidden, it is on top of the contractor’s daily rate, which many contractor don’t care enough about ask. If they do ask the agency, then it is consider rude, why are you asking about the agency margin. Yet clients have a budget for their fixed projects in mind. What you happen to think is sweet deal, then months later turns into a raw deal. This is why I want this article to be found on the wider Internet, if nothing else it will educate.

Other readers may disagree, because they think that I am too hardcore or something like that, and that is really their career choice, but I certainly will not funding Datamatic Group’s BMW Z4 ambitions, time to name and shame and see IT change come about.


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