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Book signing at Devoxx UK 2014

28 June 2014 Comments off

3 minutes


This is a post that almost got away. You probably already follow my twitter feed @peter_pilgrim. I had a fabulous book signing event on Friday. All I want to do express my thanks to the Java Community Process for supporting me and to my publisher Packt Pub for helping up expediently. Incidentally, the JCP is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this month. It feels like age has passed by already, when I was Devoxx UK 2014 in north London.

Before the book signing began

One of the first JavaEE 7 Developer Handbook persons

It was tremendous to be at this event, which I know consider my home conference, Devoxx UK. My parents came just to the conference just before the book signing and I saw that they were lurking about the Oracle booth. They would be exactly where this photograph was taken or just behind. It was the very first time they had seen their son at a Java conference event. I hope I made them really proud of the struggle, and I will always keep fighting the power, believe that.

There were a lot of Java Champions in attendance. Antonio Gonclaves , the Paris France JUG Leader and Java Champion, is holding a copy of my book, how dare he? Antonio (R) is a long time book author with Java EE and his publisher is Apress.

This splendid photo reveals the size of the exhibition hall and the length of the queue.

By this time, it is all coming back to me emotionally. There is great joy and satisfaction being Java User Group leader and talking to developers about their passion, their technology and their desires; after all, leader ought to inspire, because it is all about the hope for the future. I felt great to be in a position to offer some advice, a good word or simply say, “Nice job. Keep on moving on. All the best.”

I think I know this fellow, this Head of Java Development at some digital agency in London. Isn’t it true though? 😉

Last but not least, I thank Roberto Cortez from the Portugal JUG for taking the time to snap all of the book signing photos with my Canon EOS 700D. Of course, I save him a special book for all of his hard work and time.

Just what on earth is going on at the Devoxx UK reception? They are sitting down on the job. Huh? Seriously, thanks to all of you ladies and gentleman.

World Cup [table] football has started in enough at Devoxx UK

JDuchess are in the house

Ted Neward is sporting this TomiTribe tee-shirt at their booth

Working the Oracle booth when everybody at the technical sessions is a long day and hard work, obviously.
This is where I did the book signing and yes, we, software engineers, demand, inspire and create the Java future just like the poster says.

In the middle is Richard Warburton, who had a book signing a day before for his Lambdas Java SE 8 tome.


Another view of the exhibition area

This was Adam Bien, another Java Champion, at his session about testing Java EE at Devoxx UK

This was Maurice Naftalin talking about “Is Your Code Parallel-Ready?” in Java SE 8

I quickly dipped into session about OpenUI5, a new HTML5 JavaScript and CSS responsive Web UI library. This was Christiane Kurz talking it up

Finally, here is Stephan Janssen (L) and Andres Almiray (R) to bring the whole experience to a close

Devoxx UK is due to return next year 2015 for three days instead of two from the 17th – 20th June. The attendance went up from 500 in 2013 to 700 people
this year. The number of exhibitors, who set up this year, almost doubled in size since last year. It looks like Devoxx UK is now embedded as the Summer Java conference to attendance. Hope to see you there next year 2015.

Devoxx UK 2014 from Roy van Rijn on Vimeo.


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