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JavaCro 2014

16 May 2014 Comments off

3 minutes


What an amazing week it was! On Monday, I gave a keynote presentation to JavaCro 2014. We flew into Zagreb in Sunday, were given a ride by Marko Elezovi? to Porec. The conference took place at the Valamar Diamant hotel and there some 250 Croatian developers and designers taking part. The JavaCro conference is a joint conference with two organisers: HUJAK (Croatian Java User Association, and HrOUG (Croatian Oracle User Group, HUJAK is a 3 year old formal JUG of Croatia with 35 companies together with all of their employees as members, and more than 200 developers as individual members. Altogether HUJAK has around 1000 members as developers. HrOUG is a 19 year old Oracle User Group, which has 100+ companies as members, mostly Oracle partners and/or end users.

Whilst I was there, we met also Geertjan Wielenga from the NetBeans Dream Team, who gave the follow up key note. It was good to catch Geertjan and chat afterwards over a local Croatian beer.

I also had a book signing on Monday for the Java EE 7 Developer Handbook at the conference. For those of you were lucky winners, please enjoy Java EE 7, and look out for my next book!

We flew back to the UK on Tuesday, so it was a quick visit and yet managed to see the local town of Porec. It’s splendid traditional seaside town with harbour, boats, and gorgeous view of the nearby island. The weather was beautiful and the sun blazed all day on Monday. This part of the world is lovely and relaxing at this time of the year. It was refreshing to be by the Adriatic sea and enjoy lunch and visit locals and the tourists walking on by. I can see why this Istra peninsula is so valued, and if you are like sports and physical fitness, then it would be a fantastic place for an exercise based holiday.

Thank you JAVACRO, HUJAK and HROUG for having us for a short while and for allowing me to give a keynote and I hope I did you all great service.

I would like to thank personally Branko Mihaljevi?, the President of the HUJAK for getting me first to JavaCro 2014. Networking is great, because I met Branko on a bus to the one of the JavaOne 2012 keynotes. That’s right! He remembered me from San Francisco and asked me whether I could come out to Croatia to give a keynote. Of course I said yes, I’d love to.

Vladimir Radi? Vice President of the HrOUG was instrumental in make us feel welcome. I also shout out to all the other members of the conference including Hrvoje ?ur?evi?, Aleksander Radovan and Davor Rankovi? and many others, who made us feel welcome and worked so hard to make JavaCro a great success.


Here are my slides for my keynote at JavaCro 2014, Digital Development with Java EE 7:

Download the PDF

Here are my slides for the second presentation Scala and Java EE 7 Development Experiences:

Download the PDF

I created a repository for source code for the Scala experience talk on Github.

Marko E does a great impression of a body builder and he is also a HUJAK member

But we had a splendid book signing for him. By the way, Marko Elezovi? is the CEO of DSL Platform (

This is Matija Tomaškovi?, another HUJAK member, CEO of the main sponsor, Evolva, who is receiving a signed copy of Java EE 7 Developer Handbook:

Some Croatian developers are taking a cigarette break during the sessions:

Nobody is in the pool during the conference times. They are all dedicated developers!

Geertjan’s keynote was developer friendly and exclusively coding around the NetBeans IDE. I have to say he is pretty good with the live demonstrations. Here, he talks around JavaScript and HTML5 in JavaServer Pages:

I definitely hope to be back one day in Croatia!


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