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Day Against DRM

06 May 2014 Comments off

3 minutes


Packt are supporting #DayAgainstDRM campaign for the 6th May. This means you can buy my #javaee7handbook for $10

What does Digital Right Management means to the modern consumer?

Today, I think that consumers are right to protest against DRM, because it is an artificial Pandora Box designed to protect digital content. The sad fact of DRM unlucky old fashion application software, people who love music (and maybe movie lovers) have more feelings for the artist and the experience of the content than they do for Microsoft Excel. Also Digital Right Management is a hard slap in the face for the digital consumer in the name of untrust. They are, obviously, if the so-called man is also the hard pressed artist who is yet to break even or struggling to eventually make the big time.

Of course there are going to be alway idiots or ignorant people who think stealing content or ripping off the artist is railing against the man.
It is easily to copy books, music and video. Every savvy digital consumer with a bit of literacy can copy a file from one place to another. Whoppee! The thieves are stealing revenue from the artists. Yes, it is brilliant for about five seconds like thinking that you just conquered Mount Everest and then realising that everyone else on the planet has just gone on the same journey.

Copying is pathetic, but we have all done it as youngsters. We copied home work or were tempted to look over another student’s shoulder to get a hint of the answer in a hard college test. In the age gone by, we used to have mix-tapes (cassette tapes with handmade mixes created a street bedroom disc jockey), which then progressed to compact disc mixes. As a grown man, I have eventually purchased CDs from the artists of that era and for a chosen few attended a few concerts reliving the experience or nights. In other words, when I eventually obtained a better salary as older person, when I had the money, I bought those good older artists. I think artists of now can know learn this lesson of not berating too much the inexperienced.

As digital producers or content writers we ought to inspire loyalty with our consumers. We have instill trust in them. We certainly ought to give value in our content. Good content garners attention, attentions bring the cash. The rest is up to the artist’s social skills, leadership (artists are seen as leaders) and conversation with the fans (the consumers). If you have loyalty, then money will come. Loyalty is always going to be stronger than any DRM. It’s human nature.


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