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The Blue Eagle

28 July 2013 Comments off

2 minutes


The Blue Eagle

Earlier this month of July, I walked through the doors of the Blue Eagle, to help out a client on another contract. Barclays Bank has embarked on a modern digital web platform, which a designed to appeal to online customers. This is not surprising as other banks like RBS and Lloyds have similar initiatives. They have had to embrace new changes in technologies, such as the popularity of HTML5, smart mobile phones and the spurt in tablet computing in order to keep relevancy. In recent years, the banks have hire creative people, artists, designers, user interface designers, software developers and digital agencies to improve their process. There is strong competition and therefore an incentive to produce websites that look and feel great.

Whilst, I cannot talk about exactly detail of the project that I am working on for my client, I can tell you about common Java and JavaScript technology there that is open source and available to everyone. Java SE and EE 6 is the development platform of choice with the usual suspects of Spring Framework 3, an application server vendor and Apache Maven. I am surprised that in this project and department, Gradle is being used, consistently, extensively and expansively, which I really do like. Barclay’s is the first bank where I have actually witness JavaServer Faces and Facelets. For the new digital web, JavaScript, there is also heavy use of JQuery, sprinkled with Harvest Chosen. With such web development, I do use Selenium. There is a lot more technology in bank and some secret sauces that will forever remain nameless. The technology is very relevant and very interesting.

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