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JavaPosse Episode #434 Functional Programming on the JVM

02 July 2013 Comments off

2 minutes


Here is a recording from the JavaPosse Round-Up 2013, which I attended this February in Crested Butte, Colorado. I put a yellow post-it note on the church board with an umbrella term: Functional Programming on the JVM/Java. It was one of the days in the morning where the open space conference really did not have lot on offer for many of us. The session was great, because we had a lot of mature functional language programmers on this session. The team consisted of Dick Wall, Bruce Eckel, James Ward, Bill Robertson, Daniel Hinojosa, Jim Hurne and yours truly.

Functional Programming on the JVM, Episode 434:

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We talked about Guava Cache Builder; Clojure, a dynamic Lisp-like programming language on the JVM and ClojureScript, a Clojure to HTML5 compiler; “Scala the first statically typed language that gets out of your way as much as possible.”, the Cake Pattern for Scala; Go Language, a new statement oriented language from Google; Mirah, a statically typed Ruby-esque JVM programming language; and a whole bunch more. We had great discussion, inspiration and knowledge share for then next career move. The full show notes can be found here.

I love all you guys, you’re my tech brethren. Fingers crossed, I will get to JPR14.

And one more thing; file this under #Java #IT #contractor #JVM #training.


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