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Found a Foreword and Releasing that Java EE 7 Cat

23 May 2013 Comments off

2 minutes


It’s time to release that Java EE 7 cat out of the bag.  I’m very excited about delivering this first technical book. I have the pleasure of announcing that the great Markus Eisele has agreed to write the foreword to my forthcoming book: Java EE 7 Developer Handbook from Packt Pub.

Markus Eisele is an Oracle ACE  Director, a champion of Java Enterprise Edition, knowledgeable in messaging systems and is a German author of note. He lives and works in Germany; and Markus is famous for sending scores of valuable tweets on Java EE and related technology as the user @myfear. I am very pleased to have Markus be an early access reviewer for book and he recently accept my invitation.

Now that cat has been released; and it is finally free. I can let you also know a few more things. I am using my time on the contractor bench of truth to dig deep and finish writing the remaining content of the book. The aim of this book project is to have it fully ready for September 2013; published, printed and shipped for  JavaOne.

Currently, the chapters sort of look like this:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 CDI
  • Chapter 3 EJB
  • Chapter 4 Essential JPA
  • Chapter 5 Intermediate JPA
  • Chapter 6 Java Servlets 3.1
  • Chapter 7 WebSocket 1.0
  • Chapter 8 JAX-RS 2.0
  • Chapter 9 JMS 2
  • Chapter 10 Bean Validation 1.1
  • and more

The content is subject to change, of course, and all of the usual caveat emptors and legal clauses apply. Sadly, I decided to drop the JSF content out of the book, because we are rather too close for comfort to page limits for hardware printers.


PS: I have a couple of other secret helpers out there and they know who they are. Thanks to you also.

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