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Snowboarding Crested Butte 2013

02 March 2013 1 comment

1 minute


Some stuff about winter sports:

JPR 2013: Thursday Introduction #2 from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.

JPR 2013: Going Downhill with Chris Phleps from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.

JPR 2013: Thursday Wipeout! Last Run of the Day! from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.

Thursday Best Solo Download Run from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.

JPR 2013: Wednesday Video 1 (GPR0011) from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.


PS: On Friday, I completely messed up the GoPro footage: wrong camera alignment. There should have been no excuses, because the Hero, Third Generation has the GoPro mobile phone app, which allows a user to preview the camera! So I missed out on recording the whole group on Friday: DJ Hagberg, Chris Marks, Chris Phelps, Jeremy and myself. Bloody Hell!

PS PS: See you all next time at the JavaPosse RoundUp!

1 Comment

  1. […] In the afternoon, I met up with Chris Phleps and we went to the Crested Butte, the weather was gorgeous, absolutely kind to us. Chris is a skier and I am a snowboarder; the funny thing is that we are both owners of GoPro helmet camera. Chris had a first generation and I had recently invested 200 quid in a third generation. It was a lot of fun riding together. If you want to see more about winter sports, please see my other related blog entry. […]

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