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Catch Up At Devoxx 2012

08 November 2012 Comments off

3 minutes


Next Week, I will be at Devoxx 2012, in Antwerp, Belgium from Monday 12th until Friday 16th, December. I shall, therefore, be out-of-office. I am looking forward to meeting you all in person, if you can make it, at Europe’s premier Java IT technology conference. Sadly, the conference has already sold out weeks ago.


Devoxx2012 WeCodeInPeace


I feel on this year’s conference that I may go off on a different track to peek at some of the other technologies, because not just Java is offered at Devoxx. For instance, there is on Monday, An Introduction to iOS 6 for Java developers, by Michael Seqhers. I know how to program with Android since Summer 2011, but I for iOS and Objective C, I haven’t the faintest idea, and I think this could be nice start; especially now that I already invested this Summer in a new Apple MacBook Pro machine.

On Tuesday, there is an Advanced Scala talk on concepts and best practices by Bill Venners and Dick Wall on offer. This should tie me up for the University days, and not forgetting the JavaFX Bootstrap talk with Jim Weaver and Gerrit Grundwald.

The conference really starts on Wednesday through until the last half day on Friday, and there are literal lots of interesting talks depending on your personal choice. I have marked a few that I would like to attend in person.

  • Joe Darcy has a Road to JDK 8: Lambda talk; now that Lamba functions will be showcase in the next Java Development Kit release in 2013, version 8.
  • David Blevins has a Java EE 7 talk on Context and Dependency Injection, Bean Validation and JAX-RS.
  • Jerome Dochez and Nicolas Behrens has an Effective Dependency Injection talk on CDI.
  • The JavaPosse of Dick Wall, Carl Quinn and Tor Norbye have a now annual live podcast, Javaposse Episode 400 at Devoxx. I will be there, definitely.
  • I am very tempted to visit Jonas Boner‘s Akka talk (again), especially since Akka actors are going to part of Scala 2.10 as recently confirmed by Martin Odersky.
  • What is this alternative JavaScript language called Dart about? It is off the beaten track for my usual conference interests, yet I feel Seth Ladd’s talk on the Dart Programming Language for Web Applications, may be worthy of educational investment.
  • Jasper Potts and Richard Bair are reprising their JavaOne JavaFX talk for Devoxx, Building Amazing Applications.
  • Adam Bien, the illustrious Java enterprise consultant of note, has a talk on Real World Java EE

There are also many other events, like birds-of-feathers, hands-on-labs and tutorials. I expect to meet folk in the exhibition halls and the upstairs hacking open area. I will giving an interview to Stephen Chin, for his Nighthacking Tour in Europe, which I am also scheduled to do back in London;  and I also will interview with  Tori Wieldt for Oracle Technology Network news. So come along and say hello. Some other people from London are also going to there.


Eurostart Trains

On the way to Devoxx from London St. Pancras


See you over there in the lovely city of Antwerp after stepping off an Eurostar train from London.



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