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Building OpenJFX 2.2 Again

31 October 2012 2 comments

2 minutes


Here is how I build the OpenJFX 2.2 on both Mac OS X, because the semi-official Getting Started instructions on the OpenJFX site are a bit of out-of-date.

Find a folder for your project, create a folder:-

mkdir -p ~/open-jfx-2.2

cd ~/open-jfx-2.2

Using Mercurial, clone the project folder from the Master change-set:

hg clone

cd master

Copy the existing JavaFX runtime JAR into a special folder. I am using JavaFX bundled in Oracle Java SE 7 update 9. We create the folder structure and copy the JAR into it.

mkdir -p artifacts/sdk/rt/lib

cp ${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/jfxrt.jar artifacts/sdk/rt/lib

ls -l artifacts/sdk/rt/lib

Now clone the RT sub tree using the Mercurial

hg clone

cd rt

Edit the properties file, and modify the debuggable property near the top of the file (e.g. linenumber 15 or so)

# COMMENTED OUT: javac.debuglevel=${jfx.javac.debuglevel}

Now we can clean the distribution:-

ant clean

Afterwards, we should be able to compile and build JAR for the existing distribution.

ant dist

Look inside the dist folder for the results

peterpilgrim@Peters-MBPRD.local [686] > ls -l dist
total 6888
-rw-r--r--  1 peterpilgrim  staff  3523332 30 Oct 11:54 openjfxrt.jar
peterpilgrim@Peters-MBPRD.local [687] > 


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