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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

08 October 2012 Comments off

2 minutes


The Silicon Valley Code Camp is a free event organised Peter Kellner and others every year in October. The SVCC talkes place at Foot Hill College, Los Altos Hills, California. It is now in its seventh edition, which in my opinion extraordinary.

This years unofficial attendance was about 3800 participants, over range of technologies. It is not just a Java conference, the SVCC embraces native programming languages like C++; web development through JavaScript and Dart; the JVM platform with  Java, Scala and Groovy;  Microsoft technologies, Silverlight, C# and DotNet; and non-development sessions such how to find start-up funds, cloud computing and even how to recruit the best team in the valley.

What astounds me is that this is all available free to attendees, the sponsors pay the hosting, hiring and the obviously for food and beverages. This is training and education for free, albeit the speakers are not trained professional educators, but mostly from my witness, they do know what they are talking. To submit a talk here, you just volunteer your services. It is a decision, can I make the time and effort to lecture or speak about a topic that is interesting for attendees? If you can do that, then it is good chance to change the world. After all, it is the learning experience, in my opinion, it is chance I feel to give back something to community that somebody gave in the past to me.

Here are my slides to my talk Leveraging Java EE 7 and the Cloud with JavaFX, which took place on Saturday 6th October at 3pm

The attendance was smaller than JavaOne, but I am not disappointed in that at all, the smaller the audience size, the more intimate it is, the chance to get to know and ask questions about the developers. Why they like Java? What are they hoping to achieve? From these question, I was able to tailor the presentation slightly to be more about JavaFX than JavaEE.

Java EE 7 is now repositioned from Moving to the Cloud to HTML5 Web Sockets and RESTful services. It is draft specification and you can download the latest document from the under JSR 342, which probably needs an update.

I met several members of the community including:

  • Van Riper
  • Kevin Nilson
  • Andres Almaray
  • Ixchel Almaray
  • Csaba Toth
  • Chris Richardson
  • Peter Niederwiesen
  • Dave Nielsen



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