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Which JSRs Are Included In Java EE 7?

06 July 2012 Comments off

2 minutes



I am afraid that information is out of out-of-date. Some specification did not make the Java EE 7 release timeframe of June 2013. There is an up-to-date table in my book Java EE 7 Developer Handbook

For more information, head over to the Java EE 7 Platform Specification release site

I started to fill out a table of all of the Java Specification Requests that are supposed to go into Java EE 7. Because the platform edition is still being decided, some of the details are rather hard to pin down.


At the time of writing, in 6 July 2012, the Java EE 7 is aimed at the cloud computing platform. Therefore, we expect some new JSR that will add cloud provisioning, or maybe the individual specification will add these APIs and annotations.


The full EJB Product for Java EE 7 has these following standard components and APIs:-

Name Version Description JSR Web Profile
Batch Process 1.0 Batch Processing 352
Bean Validation 1.1 Bean validation framework 349
Common Annotations 1.1 Common Annotations for the Java EE platform 250 Might be
CDI 1.1 Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE 346 Y
Concurrency Utilities 1.0 Concurrency Utilities for the Java EE platform 236
DI 1.0 Dependency Injection for Java 330
EL 3.0 Unified Expression Language for configuration of web components and context dependency injection 341 Y
EJB 3.2 Enterprise Java Beans, entity beans and EJB QL 345 Y (Lite)
JavaMail 1.4 Java Mail API 919 Might be
JAXB Java API for XML Binding
JAXP 1.4 Java API for XML Parsing 206
JAX-RS 2.0 Java API for RESTful Services 339 Y
JAX-WS 1.3 Java API for XML –based Web Services including SOAP and WSDL 224
JCA 1.7 J2EE Connector Architecture ?
JCache 1.0 Temporary Caching API for Java EE 107 Maybe
JMS 2.0 Java Message Service 343
JPA 2.1 Java Persistence API 338 Y
JSF 2.2 Java Server Faces 344 Y
JSON 1.0 JavaScript Serialization Object Notation Protocol 353 Maybe
JSP 2.3 Java Server Pages ? Y
JSTL 1.2 Java Standard Template Library ? Y
JTA 1.2 Java Transaction API
Managed Beans 1.0 Managed Beans 1.1 342? Y
Servlet 3.1 Java Servlet 340 Y
Web Services 1.3 224


Are these the correctly numbered JSRs? Are you involved with the newest of these JSRs? If so can you give a definite answer?

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