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Xmas 2011 Audioboos Special Episodes

20 December 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Dear All

I have been recording seasonal Audioboo episodes for your delectation. I wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas, Kwanza, Winter Break, Solstice, and generally wellbeing, health and happiness. Take care.

Xmas Boos Episode 1: Scala Adoption Financial Service? Yeah:-/ (mp3)

Xmas Boos Episode 2: Aim for Timeless Software Quality over Quantity (mp3)

Xmas Audioboos Episode 3: I Want To Become A Java Developer (mp3)

Xmas Audioboos Episode 4: How Do I "Get Good"? (mp3)

Xmas Audioboo Episode 5: Positivity (mp3)

Xmas Audioboos Episode 6: Walk Your Own Way (mp3)

Xmas Audioboos Episode 7: Looking Forward to Stability (mp3)

Xmas Audioboos Episode 8: Should JavaFX 2.0 Render / Support HTML5? That Is The Wrong Question (mp3)

Xmas Audioboos Episode 9 All I Want For Xmas is … My 7 Java Teeth (mp3)

Xmas Audioboos Episode 10 It is About This Time of the Year (mp3)

I will be probably be delving into more into prediction in subsequent "Boos". As well as my chagrin about Scala, I am rather sure you are just as opiniated about Java technology, where it is has gone? Where it is going to? How does it affect you personally. What do you hear me talk about? What is your idea?

Enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes


PS: The following happens to be my top Audioboo recording so far.

ACCU 2011: Rediscovered Bruce Tate”s Beyond Java, Trip Down Memory Lane (mp3)

No surprises there, practically everyone is wondering what is Java, nowadays and its future?

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