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California 2011 Part One

05 November 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Which direction do you go in?

California 2011

Long walk along Geary Street on Saturday

California 2011

Walking past an example of small-scale scraper architecture

California 2011

Street tap dancing skills at SOMA, San Francisco, crossing of Old Navy Store, Powell Street station

California 2011

Destination reached, a shot from the building where Best Buy store located along Geary Street, 2.5 miles from SOMA. Blue Angels jets were flying by constantly.

California 2011

I passed through Japan town in San Francisco, along Geary street walk

California 2011

I am standing in Japan town

Silicon Valley 2011

Dave Briccetti (L) and myself (R) at the SVCC Sunday. We are both eating slices of pizza at lunch.


Silicon Valley 2011

Kevin Nilsson (L)


Silicon Valley 2011

Peter Kellner (L) announces the prizes on Sunday 9th October 2011


Silicon Valley 2011

Happy attendees for Silicon Valley Code Camp

California 2011

Santa Cruz, California. Unfortunately the rides were closed. Summer time had passed, the sea was freezing cold.

California 2011

Laughing Sally, Santa Cruz boardwalk

From Santa Cruz, I drove north back to San Francisco, across the Golden Gate brige to Santa Rosa. The next day I dropped by TWiT TV in Petaluma on my way to Bodega Beach. Thanks to Liz Romero for allowing me access to the TWiT facility


Visiting TWiT (This Week in Tech) offices in Petulama, Northern California. The home of Leo Laporte and Sara Lane!


The TWiT Wall in the foyer


Sara Lane (R) co-hosts TWiT’s Tech News Today (TNT). Live!<.p>



The portable studio rig on actual wheels



Jason Howell co-host / producer of Tech News Today on sofa wheels. Literally and real life.



The Tech News Today today team co-host (R) Sara Lane, host (M) Tom Merritt and (L) co-host Iyaz Akhtar.

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