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California 2011 Part Two

05 November 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Where do you go from here?


Petaluma’s Boulevard movie theatre


My California tour continued from Petaluma to Santa Rosa across the US 101 to Napa Valley, Castiloga and then to Sacramento City. The tour swung southwards to Oracle’s Redwood Shore for a final presentation. After that I stayed with friends, Larry and Patti at Menlo Park.


The river that runs through Petaluma: the Petaluma



Across the tracks in Petaluma


Wine Country Day

A vineyard field so typical of the Napa Valley and the Castiloga region



Old town department store-like architecture



Hired Blue Mustang near Bodega



Sunset at Bodega Beach



Bodega Beach knee end and large swathes of sands



Bodega beach, just after sunset, time to head back to Santa Rosa. Moon is in shot. Time to drive.


Wine Country Day

Wine Country and Castiloga Geyser

Wine Country Day

Castiloga Geyser


Wine Country Day

Chateau Montelena arrived for a Wine Tasting. Unfortunately, financial funds and lack prevented me from buying any of their plonk. I would have need another suitcase and paid excess weight fees to the United Kingdom. However I recommend this Cabernet grape, chocolaty and cherry for any locals in Silicon Valley, because it was exceptional.


Wine Country Day

The local Asian-fusion inspired garden at the Chateau Montelena



Architecture of Sacramento, this federal security like building was on lease. Almost all of the buildings, which I saw were depressingly out to let. It was measure of just how the deep recession went and certainly sobering impression of the economic downturn of 2011. I gave a hefty sigh.



What do you get if you could add? Justin Bieber: If I were a billionaire and this empty building in Sacramento. "Your name here", indeed. My answer: I do not know, either, but I am sure that you would make something amazing.




The story of our times. Even this classic period piece could be using someone care and attention. Yet, this is the era of the credit crunch and the breaking down of the Eurozone. I have seriously doubts that anyone going moving into this Spanish style tienda low-housing any year soon.



Example of mixed architecture in modern downtown Sacramento showing influences across the ages. Looking over to China town.



Oracle Office building at night on Redwood Shores. Rush! Rush!



Apple store in Palo Alto the day after all my last speaking engagement 14th October 2011. Passing Steve Job’s still clearly felt by inhabitants of Silicon Valley and a great of mark of respect.



More tributes here at Palo Alto Apple Store



Bridge across Palo Alto to Menlo Park and the sun appears to go down, my last day in California for 2011. It is fitting tribute to a rewarding trip.

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