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24 June 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


Prince And The New GenerationDon’t Matter 2 Nite – One of the Purple Man’s very best songs that he has ever written, sung and performed.

I remember listening to this sound way back in the 1990s. The first time was during my time beating the recession in the 1990s. There was no Euro. This super international currency was still to come. A few years earlier I was reading Physical Sciences and Computing in London at university. Germany had its Deutschmark, which still strong against the British pound. The unification of West and East was still relatively recent in memory. I was living abroad learning C and UNIX and Sun Microsystem’s operating systems, pizza box workstations, and graphical user interfaces, and I dreamt of becoming a C++ guru. Whilst I was fortunate to be working in a joint-venture company in Southern Germany, I thought of all the people in the UK at the time, especially my family. Ever so often, I did journey back to London, I flew on a Lufthansa jet from Frankfurt, to visit my folks, I can distinctly remember walking down Oxford Street and seeing boarded-up shops not so far from Selfridges. Times were not so good, in England, but there was still the future to look forward. The club scene, The Ministry of Sound, in Elephant Castle, was still the best in the world. Brit-Pop was about to explode in the following year, Oasis were just getting start, and wishing to be living like common people was just a glimmer of lyric in Jarvis Cocker‘s eyes. We are all damaged by this dire economy. Enough said. Tell me what has changed?


Thank you French people for this link to a great song.

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