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JavaPosse Round Up 2011 Closing Session Episode 343.5

06 June 2011 3 comments

2 minutes



Hello there!

This is a blog entry is just an embedded Vimeo Plug-in. It is my video recording of the JavaPosse Round-Up 2011 closing session. I edited it a couple of months ago and locked it privately and now it is time to unlock it.

I always take a video camcorder to Colorado for the Round Up and it was my third time in a row of attending this fantastic open space conference since 2009. I was very proud and fortunate to be able to go, organise yet another vacation rental house, meet all the house mates and the conference attendees, who were all nice to meet and greet. If you looking for deep Java related technology discussions with bright developers, designers and architects, then the JPR is the place to be. I am into snow boarding and you might be too. Crested Butte was one of the best half pipes and free style parks anywhere in the world, just make sure you invest in a decent helmet.

Fellow Java Champion, Bruce Eckel, deserves all the plaudits for organising such as splendid venue. It was the fifth round up for the JavaPosse.

I think Dick Wall has been very busy with doing this, that, and the other and may be this closing session episode got lost in the ether. So this is Episode 343.5. Note this the point five in the episode number as it could have been inserted in my opinion between 343 and 344.

Also I would like to tell you about the Scala Programming Summer Camp that is Bruce Eckel is organising in Crested Butte. Sadly, I am unlikely to make over to USA, in late July, and I would love to go and chew the Scala programming language fat. The cost of the open space Summer Camp is extremely low, only 200.0 USD! The biggest travel cost are the flights and the accommodation stay, but if you go, I think you find it was the best experience of technology / activity balance that you will ever have.

Enjoy my video and I gladly receive any feedback that you the reader/viewer may have.


JavaPosse Round Up 2011 Closing Session Episode 343.5 from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.


Thank you all!

PS: Hopefully I will find that future tech job and then also make to JPR12



  1. The video is on invite only.

    Comment by Sam B. — 06 June 2011 @ 1:32 pm

  2. Sorry about that. You are right. I thought that I changed that setting earlier. I will change it now

    Comment by admin — 06 June 2011 @ 2:37 pm

  3. Thanks.

    Comment by Sam B. — 06 June 2011 @ 2:49 pm

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