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JavaPosse Episode 347: Technical Leadership

21 April 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


On a much happier note – Yes. You can breathe a sign of relief at this blog entry – I have time to tell you about Episode 347 of the JavaPosse podcast. This was record at the Round-Up 2011, in Crested Butte, Colorado in February. This was the session that I hosted and shared, called Technical Leadership. Jim Hurne, Tomas Stechly, Brian Gray, Guy Pascal-Gascoigne and a few others.

You can go and listen to Episode 347 online at the iLounge or try this German podcast website if your enterprise net-nanny-state thingie at work blocks you. [Businesses should not block twitter any more. Give it up! Everyone is going to be carrying a slate by 2016 so they are going to lose you to social networking no matter what they think they are saving you from. Ah well!]

This session is about:-

  • What is technical leadership?
  • Motivating other developer
  • Coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Brown paper bag sessions
  • Google IO videos
  • Virtual learning in groups
  • What happens if everyone in your company is a senior developer? Huh? How do you technical lead that situation?
  • Getting off my bum (or USA "Getting off your ass!") going to speak to junior engineers or new starters or new project starters
  • How on earth do we build the next generation of great developers?
  • Community leading
  • Delegation of the technical lead position – rotation
  • Organic "event stimuli" leadership versus linear "threat/reward" leadership
  • Collaborating within teams
  • Motivation – how to motivate developers and other team members
  • Difference between a technical leader and a line manager
  • Buffering between the development team, the team lead and senior management, stakeholders

Thanks Dick Wall, for delivering this #JPR11 session earlier to us, and Happy Birthday week!

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