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ACCU 2011: It’s A Wrap

18 April 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


I few shout out to wrap up my time at Oxford last week.

  • Giovanni Asproni the outgoing ACCU conference person. Thank you for accepting my proposal Introduction to Scala. It was an honour
  • Ewan Milne the former Chair of ACCU organisation
  • Terry Neason for all of my presentation, performance and communication advice
  • Kevlin Henney, top consultant and speaker, for attending my talk
  • Rachel Davies, Agile coach for attending my talk
  • Julie Archer for allowing me to see Cherwell night and morning before the start
  • Belinda Wiacek for sorting my conference t-shirt, being a good sport of XBox Connect
  • Micheal Alderson-Blythwell
  • Schalke Cronje for inviting me to dinner at the Plough pub w/ Lisa Cripsin and Steve List
  • Steve “The Doc” List
  • Lisa Crispin
  • Russel Winder, for a the fantastic “Keeping Sending The Message Talk”
  • Neil Wilson, for suggesting the fabulous Mayo restaurant, St. Clements, Oxford
  • Pavol Rovensky, for driving Michael, Richard and I to Mayo and back again on Thursday night
  • Martin Winkler, for providing feedback on my Scala talk
  • Robert Fearn, for providing valuable feedback on my Scala talk
  • James Slaughter
  • Allan Kelly
  • Anna-Jayne Metcalfe
  • Charles Bailey
  • Olve Maudal
  • Martin Waplington
  • Emily Winch
  • Didier Verna for the Commons Lisp tutorial on Friday
  • Bernhard Merkle
  • Frances Buontempo
  • Steve Love
  • Sven Rosvall, for a good introduction in cloud computing
  • Anthony Kirby
  • Andy Stoke, chat about Scala adoption
  • James Byatt, chat about Scala adoption
  • Robert Westwood
  • James Bates

If missed anybody else. I am responsible and I am sorry about that. Thanks to everyone that made ACCU 2011 a great success.


ACCU 2011

(right) the very dapper Ewan Milne, former Chair of ACCU and I (left)

ACCU 2011

Painting reserved for £400 went for £725 and Michael Alderson-Blythwell beat John Lakos to it

ACCU 2011

(left) outgoing ACCU conference chair, Giovanni Asproni and (right) his replacement, John Jagger

ACCU 2011

From left to right, Lisa Crispin, Agile Tester extraordinair, her husband, Bob and Steve “The Doc” List

ACCU 2011



My Flickr photo-stream mostly on the ACCU Speaker’s Dinner is here.

And thus endeth my week on Scala

Thanks and Enjoy 😉

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