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Functional Exchange At Skills Matter 18 March

17 March 2011 Comments off

2 minutes


After the my usual downbeats posts on Beyond Java on the JVM, I stumbled across Charles Nutter’s blog article [The Future Part One] again and reread it. The date on this article states April 2009 predates my own thinking on the Java platform, at that time, I was more interested in JavaFX Script version 1.1. So the amazing thing is that his conclusions are still valid today and there is still a risk of the entire Java platform not evolving. Headius never did get around to writing the second part of his entry, did he?

I have been brewing some ideas on Beyond Java:

  • Start a campaign – Twitter , Facebook online – some graphics, create web site – we would campaigning to business leader, stake leaders
  • Start lobbying – create a beyond Java manifesto, create some beyond Java web site – we would be lobbying other developers, architects
  • Go viral – I thought about gathering a set web cam or flip HD or Kodak videos that go strung together by from 25-30 well known developers. We can edit them together and upload to YouTube or Vimeo or both – we will be building our self estem, empowering ourselves, putting we others on notice, that we refuse to be held to ransom to ancient tech on the Java platform
  • Down tools and act up –  leading developers could refuse ancient JDK 1.4.2 work or WebSphere 6/7 leave that to laggard developers. It could be a sort of deliberate practice, a tech talent starvation if you will – may be a  couple of institutional business models will fail after the technology model fails.

Anyway, I digress, I am heading to Skills Matter Functional Exchange tomorrow (18 March 2011) in central London [Tickets Might Be Still Available]. My next personal appearance over there, I will be progressing my continual learning, enhancing more core professional competency, and meeting and greeting other developers. (Notice that sick scrawl matches the current human resource invective). Dave Pollak is going to be around for Lift framework talk, Jonas Boner and Victor Klang. Having met Chris Marinos MVP F# Dude from the JPR11, then F# is definitely of interest and the distant cousin of Scala on dotNet platform. This is going be a day out in town, so come along say hello. Ask me about the Future of the JCP, JavaFX 2.0 and Scala when you want.

PS: Thanks to Wendy / Skills Matter

PS PS: How about this as a strap-line? “I am Peter Pilgrim, a top-tier developer in UK and I am Beyond Java on the JVM. There is no going back now. ”

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