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QCon London 2011 Experiences and Community

12 March 2011 Comments off

3 minutes


Today, I feel humbled to experience another QCon London conference. It is the fourth time I have been involved, and I consider it the biggest event in my home town.

What were my favourite events and happenings at QCon?

  • Meeting with the people and having inspired conservations about technology
  • Meeting Wendy Devolder of SkillsMatter and discussing the Functional Exchange
  • The Java Community Panel on Thursday afternoon with Stephen Colebourne, Ben Alex, Mark Little, Jerome Dochez and Patrick Curran.
  • Twitter conversation with Alex Blewitt about the JCP, the future of Java
  • Mark Powell’s evening key note on the Jet Propulsion Lab, which contains many Star Trek references
  • Speaker’s dinner where I tabled with Mark Powell, Glenn Vanderburg and Kevin Henney and had a fantastic conversation about The Mote in God’s Eye and science fiction writers, TV, movies and books
  • The speaker dinner’s at the restaurant Inn The Park
  • Meeting individuals like Christian Kellner and Daniel Temme of TimoCom, Duesseldorf, Germany; Juan Germano of Core Security from Argentina; Gary Harvey of Trifork;
  • Winning an Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi bundle in a FuseSource prize drive!!! (Thanks to Matt Thayer
  • Being asked questions about JCP, Future of Java
  • Paul Albettele asked me about the future of Java / Scala. Should I learn Scala? Should I learn functional programming? Michael Klove also inquired about Scala’s future too
  • Chatting with Googler Ade Oshineye and eavesdropping on his photograph tips to a fellow conference goer
  • Meeting Simon Ritter on the Oracle booth and discussing the JavaFX 2.0 early access release and experiments there of
  • Meeting Artifactory / JFrog folk again Yoav Landman, Shlomi Ben-haim and Talin,  et al

What were my favourite sessions?

  • Glen Vanderberg’s Clojure on the Web on Friday
  • The second half of Rod Johnson’s Friday morning keynote: Things I Wish I’d Known
  • The NoSQL at NetFlix on Friday morning by Siddarth Anand
  • Musical singing and playing of a certain Roy Osherove: Team Leadership in the Age Agile (Thursday)
  • Kevlin Henney’s talk Putting “Re” into Architecture (Wednesday)
  • Gil Tene of Azul interesting talk about Java without GC Pauses (Wednesday)

What were the things I did not like this year?

  • No being there for the whole thing, missing out Wednesday and Thursday mornings
  • Dealing with Another Other Business during the conference
  • Being so emotional after the event (always sad to have an ending)
  • Domain Specific Language technical session should have been much better than it was
  • Smaller scale conference party on Wednesday evening

See next year and best endeavours for the rest of 2011

Meanwhile here are some photos:-

QCon London 2011

Collecting the Amazon Kindle from FuseSource’s Matt Thayer

QCon London 2011

Standing with Ade Oschineye near the Google and Wolfram booths

QCon London 2011

Wendy Devolder of SkillsMatter (left) and Ben Shlomi-Haim

QCon London 2011

Geeta Schmidt of Trifork (left) and Floyd Marinescu of QCon (right)

QCon London 2011

The indefatigable Rod Johnson during his Friday morning keynote

QCon London 2011

London Agile User Group night at QCon London


I suppose nobody can tell any more lies now.

Photos from Creative Commons (cc) Peter Pilgrim’s Photostream on

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